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    People Are Saying Karen From "Outnumbered" Took Drugs At Reading And She's Pissed

    Several people made the allegations on Twitter, but she's hit back calling the claims "horrible and upsetting".

    Most people know Ramona Marquez as little Karen from Outnumbered.


    However, she's now 15 years old and spent last weekend at Reading Festival, taking a lot of 🔥 selfies.

    But some people who were also in attendance have tweeted alleging that Ramona took drugs during her time at the festival.

    Reading was all good until I saw Karen from outnumbered pinging out of her nut😞

    Karen from outnumbered was in front of me at stormzy off her nut how peakkk😩

    Best thing I've seen this weekend is Karen from outnumbered gurning her face off in the dance tent at reading

    seeing karen from outnumbered pinging off her tits at reading has to definitely be one of the main highlights

    However, Ramona wasted absolutely no time in taking to Twitter to shut down the claims, calling them "upsetting" and "horrible".

    In tweets that have since been deleted, Ramona said:

    I really enjoyed Reading and meeting lots of fans and cool people it was so lit???? It is pretty upsetting though now seeing people posting about me and saying that I'm doing drugs and really horrible things like that?? I just don't understand why people feel the need to be assholes, it's such a piss take. But apart from that everyone was so lovely.

    That told them.


    BuzzFeed has contacted Ramona's representatives for comment.

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