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    Posted on Nov 30, 2017

    This Band Just Turned 15 And I Now Feel Old As Fuck

    Wow, time flies.

    Hi there. It has come to my attention that today is a very important day for lovers of good music everywhere.

    Channel 4

    And that, my friends, is the fact that it has been a whole 15 years since Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola, Kimberley and Sarah were told they'd made it into what would become the nation's favourite girlband.


    That's right. Girls Aloud were formed 15 years ago today.



    This was them posing for their first ever photo as a band. Aren't they cute?

    Itv / ITV/REX/Shutterstock

    This also means that we are just weeks away from the 15th anniversary of "Sound Of The Underground" – the most iconic song ever recorded – being released.


    And also the 15th anniversary of this ingenious marketing campaign.

    Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

    "Buy girls, bye boys."

    As well as the 15th anniversary of the girls smashing the boys and getting that Christmas number one. And look how happy they were about it.

    Ken Mckay / Press Association Images

    Who'd have thought back then that they would go on to enjoy TEN YEARS together as a band.

    Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

    And release 21 consecutive top 10 hits, including the certified bangers, "Something Kinda Ooh," "Sexy No No No," "Biology" and "Something New."


    And if you somehow weren't feeling old AF yet, you're about to.

    Tim Whitby / PA Archive/PA Images

    Because yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the release of their second album, What Will The Neighbours Say. This means it's been 13 years since we first heard "Love Machine."


    Fun fact: The girls hated the song when they first heard it, and actually had a huge argument with their record label about releasing it as a single.

    Next Tuesday will be the 12th anniversary of their third album, Chemistry, which included the banger "Biology."


    And two weeks ago, their fourth – and low-key best –album, Tangled Up, turned 10 years old.


    So I'm off to listen to their entire discography and cry over aging.


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