John Krasinski Surprised Jenna Fischer By Revealing He Still Has The Teapot Jim Gave Pam On "The Office" After She Told Fans What The Note Inside Said

    John's admission comes just a few months after Jenna Fischer, aka Pam, revealed what was written on the note inside the teapot.

    Despite The Office ending in 2013, we're still learning new behind-the-scenes details about the show thanks to its cast.

    In fact, two of its most famous cast members — Jenna Fischer, who played Pam, and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela — recently started a podcast, Office Ladies, dedicated specifically to their experiences on the show.

    And over recent months, they've revealed a host of secrets. For example, this famous cold open where Jim pops Dwight's exercise ball was never supposed to happen the way it did.

    They also revealed that Angela's first audition was actually for the role of Pam!

    Well, during the most recent episode, the ladies were joined by none other than Mr John Krasinski, aka Jim Halpert.

    And he revealed that he still has the famous teapot Jim gave Pam in Season 2 of the show.

    If your memory needs refreshing, the scene in question is pretty iconic — Jim plans the perfect Secret Santa gift for Pam by purchasing a teapot she wanted and filling it with a bunch of their inside jokes.

    It also includes a letter in which Jim confesses his feelings for Pam, but he decides to remove it at the last minute.

    Ultimately, Pam doesn't find out about the note until the final season when Jim decides to give it to her after she watches back the footage from the Christmas party.

    Well, during a conversation on Office Ladies about the props the cast took home after filming wrapped, John casually revealed that the prop master, Phil Shea, sent him the teapot along with a few other items years later.

    "Phil Shea is the reason I have anything," John said. "He sent me a box years — like, three or four years later — of my bag, my satchel, my nameplate, and the teapot."

    "You have the teapot?!" Angela and Jenna exclaimed. "That's huge!" Angela added. "We have been wondering who has the teapot!"

    "Oh man, I thought you knew that!" John went on before suggesting Jenna might be able to get one for herself from NBC since they probably had duplicates in case one broke during filming.

    He also revealed that he'd planned to take a photo of himself with the teapot after hearing Angela and Jenna discussing it on an earlier episode — and then promptly forgot.

    John's admission comes just three months after Jenna finally revealed what was written on the note inside the teapot.

    Jenna explained on the podcast that the note came about after the show's creator suggested that John write "a personal message from himself" to Jenna during the final season.

    The note ended up detailing what John's time with Jenna on The Office had meant to him, and how special it had been.

    She went on to say that the note in the teapot was essentially John's goodbye to her — and that the first time she read it on camera, she began "bawling".

    And while Jenna wants to keep the contents of the letter between her and John, she did tell fans, "just know, it was perfect."

    You can listen to the full Office Ladies episode here.