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John Krasinski Travelled 6000 Miles Every Weekend To See Emily Blunt And Their Kids When They Were Separated For Filming

What a guy.

By now you'll definitely be aware that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have one of the strongest marriages in showbiz.

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And they're also adorably committed to their family life as parents to two daughters, Hazel, four and Violet, two.

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But John has now opened up about the lengths he goes to in order to keep their family life in tact when they're separated for filming.

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Speaking to People, John revealed that he believes that his children should have a "base" with their mother whenever he and Emily are shooting in different locations at the same time.

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He said: "We always set up a base, and I always want the base to be with their mom. And I'll do the flight time."

And he then commits to flying all over the world to see them, even in the midst of a gruelling schedule.

Paramount, Disney

Speaking about the period in which he was shooting Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan while Emily was filming Mary Poppins, John revealed that he made the journey from LA to London each weekend. He said: "Family for me is a non-negotiable thing. So, if I'm honest, I was shooting 6000 miles away from them, and I flew back every single weekend."

It's something Dina Shihabi, John's co-star in Jack Ryan, recently confirmed when she revealed that when the cast finished filming at 5 a.m on a Saturday, John would hop on the next flight to London and be back on Sunday night.

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And although John finds the travelling "brutal," he said he'd never complain about his job.

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He said: “I think that there’s nothing you can complain about in this business, you know what I mean?” We are all so lucky to be doing what we’re doing. If there’s one thing that’s a bummer, it’s that you spend time away from your kids. But guess what, a lot of people spend time away from their kids. So for me, I think we’re all living in a fantasy camp. So I’m not going to be the first one to complain.”

What a guy.


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