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    JK Rowling And Amy Schumer Just Had A Lovely Exchange On Twitter

    Well, this is unexpectedly amazing.

    It's safe to say that a friendship between JK Rowling and Amy Schumer would seem unexpected – but it's now happened.

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    Amy Schumer is currently on her stand-up world tour, and last night she had a show in Edinburgh. Turns out, none other than JK Rowling was in attendance.

    And she took to Twitter afterwards to praise Amy, calling her a "goddess."

    Just seen the goddess that is @amyschumer live in Edinburgh. What a night 😂❤️

    Amy then replied, revealing that she and her sister are also huge Harry Potter fans.

    Thank you so much! Did you like my sister's gryffindor hat?!

    And JK Rowling's response was perfect.

    .@amyschumer I *loved* the Gryffindor hat.

    Brb, crying. 😭 ❤️

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