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    I Read Jessica Simpson's Book To Get The "Newlyweds" Tea And Here's What Actually Went Down Behind-The-Scenes

    Jessica has finally revealed all in her memoir, including the Newlyweds scenes that were faked and the moment she and Nick decided to end the show.

    Over the last couple of weeks, Jessica Simpson has been spilling all kinds of details about her life as she promotes her new memoir, Open Book.

    And, of course, the one subject everyone really wants to know about is her marriage to Nick Lachey.

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    The pair were the '00s couple of dreams, tying the knot in 2002 but sadly divorcing four years later. However, while he spoke openly about their split at the time, Jessica has remained largely silent on the subject.

    In the book, though, she's given her version of events, describing what led to their breakup and refuting Nick's claims that he was "blindsided" by her asking for a divorce.

    In the process of opening up about her marriage and split from Nick, Jessica also spoke for the first time about their iconic reality show, Newlyweds, and spilled a lot of behind-the-scenes tea.


    Here's some of what we learned...

    1. The first season was filmed over the course of five months, with hidden cameras placed in the TV and corners of Nick and Jessica's Calabasas mansion to supplement the on-site crew.


    The only parts of the house that were off limits were the bedroom and bathroom — the crew had to ask permission any time they filmed upstairs.

    2. Several of the show's most notable episodes and scenes were set up by producers.


    3. For example, the camping episode in season one was entirely contrived.


    4. The episode charting the romantic celebrations for their first anniversary was also pretty fake.


    In the episode, Nick ostensibly arranged a romantic trip to New York, which involved rose petals leading from the hotel door to the bed and then a horse and carriage ride to a a beautiful restaurant where he presented Jessica with a recreation of the top tier of their wedding cake.

    "It was a tradition that neither of us had ever heard of," Jessica wrote, adding that the notion Nick had been responsible for the romantic gestures was a "conceit".

    5. The moment in that same episode where Nick forgot their wedding song annoyed Jessica too — but not for the reason you might expect.


    "I wanted people to believe he was everyone's vision of a leading man," Jessica wrote. "The problem is, Nick could hit his marks but he couldn't improv any lines."

    She went on to say that when he forget their wedding song, she put her head in her hands — not because she was mad at him, but because she was "frustrated that he couldn't even act the part MTV handed to him".

    6. Remember the moment Jessica jumped out of the cake at Nick's 30th birthday party in this ~sexy~ ensemble? Well, apparently she sees the whole thing as "sad" in hindsight.


    Jessica revealed that the moment was in response to Nick going to "strip clubs and bars" with a group of male friends who "used him for VIP treatment".

    "There were times I tried to be sexy like that for him," she wrote. "I even jumped out of a cake for his 30th birthday in an outfit that I thought was burlesque but was really just sad. 'If I dress like these women,' I thought, 'Maybe you'll look at me.'"

    7. By the third and final season of the show, Nick and Jessica apparently didn't even like each other any more.


    8. And by the time they filmed the episode marking their second anniversary, they knew exactly what to give the producers so they could get it over with.


    Jessica said that the production team arranged for Nick to take her to a place in the Malibu mountains with "wild game on the menu ... so they could have me mispronounce 'emu' or something."

    9. Oh, and sensing that they weren't going to get "romantic interactions" out of Nick and Jessica in that episode, the producers allegedly attempted to engineer a fight between them by showing her a tabloid story that claimed he'd cheated on her during a bachelor party at a strip club.

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    10. Jessica describes the period when Nick moved to Baton Rouge to be with her while she filmed Dukes of Hazzard as "the worst time in our marriage", adding that she was doing "the bare minimum of playing along for the cameras".


    11. And, it was during this time that they realised the show — and indeed their marriage — was over.

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    12. "We were about to have another fight when Nick said, loudly, 'Stop rolling,' ... but the crew continued," Jessica wrote.


    "Will you just get out of here so we can have a conversation?" Nick asked the producers. They responded: "If we keep having to stop rolling then there's no show."

    "We looked at each other and said together, 'Stop rolling,'" Jessica added.

    "From then on we filmed as little as possible," she said, "Save for a Valentine's Day episode where we did nothing to hide that there were problems."


    "They had to do a clip show for the last episode," she wrote, "Where we pretended we wanted to move out of the house but changed our minds. It was bizarre and I never watched it."


    The last episode aired on March 30 2005. Eight months later, Nick and Jessica announced their split.

    So, there we have it. 11 years on, we finally know the true story of what went down behind the scenes of Newlyweds.

    Jessica Simpson's memoir, Open Book, is out now.