Jay Cutler Hung Out With Kristin Cavallari's Archenemy — The Employee She Fired From Her Company And Who's Dragged Her Ever Since

    Jay posted a video of himself enjoying oysters and wine with Shannon Ford — a former employee of Kristin's who was acrimoniously fired in 2019 and has since described their relationship as "toxic."

    Things are getting messy between Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari if his latest Instagram post is anything to go by.

    For anyone who doesn't know, Kristin and Jay decided to end their marriage after seven years back in April. At the time, they released matching Instagram posts stating that they had made the decision to split "lovingly" and that they remained committed to coparenting their three kids.

    Since then, they've spent important holidays, including Father's Day and Halloween, together. However, Kristin has made a couple of comments recently that could suggest there's some underlying tension between the pair.

    For example, back in September, Kristin admitted that she'd agonised over whether to end the marriage "every single day" for two years.

    Then, most recently, Kristin revealed during a drunken Instagram Q&A session that Stephen Colletti, her Laguna Beach ex-boyfriend, was the "best kisser" she'd ever made out with, just three months after they reunited for a photo. Some took the reunion and comment as a dig at Jay.

    Well, two days after Kristin's kissing confession, Jay hopped onto Instagram and posted a video of himself hanging out with her archnemesis, Shannon Ford.

    If you didn't follow Very Cavallari, you might be wondering who Shannon is and why this hangout is significant. So, allow me to explain.

    The first season of Very Cavallari centred on Kristin establishing her jewellery company and opening a flagship store in Nashville. Shannon was one of the first people Kristin hired, and she took on the role of directing social media.

    And while the pair were initially close friends, their relationship quickly descended into chaos after Shannon was repeatedly reprimanded for failing to do her job.

    It led to many altercations between the pair. During one scene, Shannon sent a newsletter that was missing a clickable link to the site's brand-new line of products.

    The argument ended with Kristin yelling and Shannon crying.

    Eventually, Kristin confronted Shannon for the final time, accusing her of failing to meet the requirements of her job, repeatedly ignoring emails, and "single-handedly costing [the] company money". She then fired her on the spot.

    It should also be pointed out here that Jay positively despised Shannon throughout the season and constantly encouraged Kristin to fire her.

    Since then, relations between the pair have soured even further. Shannon has not never held back in expressing her opinions about Kristin.

    Shannon also claimed that Kristin "had her fired from the show" due to "personal reasons" before alleging that her exit storyline didn't reflect the reality of the situation.

    "I am grateful to the show and even for the relationship I had with Kristin long ago," she added. "However I am not grateful or appreciative of the toxic turn our friendship took. ... I'm not grateful for the way the cookie crumbled with the show and the lies that were made up for my exit off the show."

    Most recently, Shannon posted on social media on the day that Kristin announced that she'd decided to end Very Cavallari in the wake of her divorce. Hours after the news was announced, Shannon posted this GIF of herself on the show saying, "Hallelujah. Amen." She captioned it: "Happy Tuesday."

    All of which makes Jay getting together to enjoy "oysters and wine" with Kristin's worst enemy — and someone he used to dislike! — all the more shady.

    In the video, Jay and Shannon are seen saying "cheers" before taking a sip of wine; Shannon looks straight at the camera and raises her eyebrows.

    And the shadiness was not lost on Jay's followers. The post has so far racked up over 2,000 comments from people living for the "drama" and accusing Jay of "being petty" and "stirring the pot".

    Kristin, I guess it's over to you.