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This Deleted Comment Could Mean Taylor Swift's About To Drop An Album

The network with whom Taylor has signed a major deal uploaded a video announcing a TV channel devoted entirely to her, promising "new music". The comment was quickly deleted but speculation has already begun.

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The Taylor Swift fandom has been in meltdown for the past few months, speculating as to when she'll be releasing her next album.

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There was a hell of a lot of evidence to suggest Taylor would release the album in October.

The speculation was mainly based on the fact that she has released an album every two years in October/November for her entire recording career. There was also a suggestion that the album would arrive on 10/23/16, because if you add all those numbers up, (1+0+2+3+1+6) you get Taylor's favourite number: 13.

And when she played her one and only show of 2016 at the end of October, people were convinced she'd play new material.

Imagine Taylor on stage in Austin "Guys I have some exciting news" Us: 💀 "I have a new album" Us: 💀 "It drops on iTunes at midnight" Us:☠️

She did not.

And October came and went with no goddamn album.

Big Machine Records

However, there has now been a curveball.

On 4 October, Taylor signed a "multi-year deal" with AT&T, the details of which were pretty vague.

The only detail we did receive was that Taylor would be headlining the company's annual concert, held in Houston the night before the Super Bowl. It was assumed that the deal would also feature some exclusive Taylor content for AT&T customers.

However, this week it was announced that the deal involved a TV channel devoted entirely to Taylor and her music.

.@TaylorSwift13 fans have a new destination for unique and never seen videos, #TaylorSwiftNOW – coming soon, only o…

And there was one VERY INTERESTING part of the original caption in the YouTube description of the video announcing the channel.

Let's look at that again, shall we?



Naturally, everyone lost their minds.

When you get told there will be new music on #TaylorSwiftNOW

This is exactly how I feel with the news about NEW MUSIC @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 @ATT idk how to go on until…

However, AT&T then deleted the reference to "new music", before deleting the video and caption entirely and reuploading a new edited version. With no mention of new music.


AT&T deleted the original video and reuploaded it with "new music" edited out why does 2016 keep playing with my feelings i hate life

So either there's new music coming and the comment was a monumental screw-up that wasn't intended to be published just yet, or we all got excited for nothing because there isn't any new music and the wording of the comment was an accident.


Either way, the plot thickens...

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