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It Appears That Kylie Jenner's Entire Look Is Inspired By This Woman

Let's examine the evidence.

There's been a lot of speculation about Kylie Jenner's appearance over the last few months, but it seems that the latest development is that she may be modeling herself on a woman called Heather Sanders.

This is Heather. She is the owner of Sorella Boutique and is in a relationship with rapper Trell, whose best friend is Tyga – Kylie's rumoured boyfriend.

Kylie Jenner just basically woke up one day & said "I'm gonna be Heather Sanders & people are gonna love it." Lool.

I feel like Kylie Jenner is channelling Heather Sanders in her new look and the channel is staticky as fuck

Bruh...I knew something was familiar about Kylie Jenner's look but I couldn't put my finger on it. Got damn Heather Sanders...

I'm convinced Kylie Jenner wants to be Heather Sanders so bad. But why?

Kylie Jenner and her friends want to be Heather Sanders so bad.

why everyone wanna b kylie jenner& kylie jenner wanna b heather sanders #pleasestop #beyouuuuuuuu

Let's examine the evidence, shall we?

Last year, Heather chopped her hair into a bob and dyed it blue.

Four months later, Kylie was rocking a similar look.

In fact, Heather even posted an image of Kylie on her Instagram to tell her followers that it made her miss her own blue hair.

It wasn't long before Heather went back to blue, adding in a load of hair extensions as well.

Two months later, Kylie adopted a similar look.

It was around this time that Kylie launched her hair range, Kylie Hair Kouture, which featured blue hair extensions. This did not go unnoticed on Twitter, either.

Then there's this hairstyle. Heather's trademark is a half-up ponytail.

Well, in November last year Kylie began to rock the same 'do.

And the similarities between the general makeup and hairstyles in these two photos are pretty clear. Matte lipstick, heavy eyeliner and perfectly arched brows 👌

The dark eyes and hot red lips here are also very similar.

And these matte lips and false eyelashes are virtually identical.

Then there was Kylie's new-found love of grills and close-up photos of her lips.

And finally, there are these two videos – the first posted by Heather in June, and the second by Kylie in September.