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21 Plotholes In TV Shows That Infuriated The Hell Out Of People

The One With All The Plot Holes.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV show plothole really infuriated them. Here are some of the best responses.

1. In Parks and Recreation, it was never made clear who was actually filming the cast, nor what their interviews were being used for.


We can all agree that they're talking to cameras like they do in The Office, but we never learned if they were participating in a documentary as they do in that show, or something else. Also, how the heck would they convince someone who values privacy as much as Ron Swanson to agree to be filmed?

— paigeo42f807bd5

2. In Grey's Anatomy, Izzie's brain tumour went undetected for months despite her being a doctor, working in a hospital with other doctors and having vivid visual and auditory hallucinations.


It took what felt like FOREVER for anyone to figure out something was wrong, let alone a gigantic tumour.


3. In the final season of The Office, Angela told Dwight that he was the biological father of her child despite him undergoing a DNA test in a previous season which ruled him out.


— Maggie Schmidt, Facebook

Was the test just inconclusive? Did she pay the doctor to give a negative result?! If I was Dwight I would have has some questions.

— Vnes Rodgers, Facebook

4. In Glee, Quinn made a miraculous recovery from a major car accident — which left her in a wheelchair for most of the third season — to perform at the nationals.


It takes a while to get better from a major car accident like that, yet she was able to perform without any trouble at all.

— Haylimarie1229

5. In season five of Brooklyn Nine Nine, Jake magically grew a beard and moustache despite having said in season three that he was "physically incapable" of doing so.



6. In Gilmore Girls, Lorelai managed to run away aged 16 by leaving a note for her parents simply saying she'd left, and no one did anything about it.

The CW

How was she never picked up by the police? Though legally able to drop out of school, she was still a minor and I find it hard to believe that Richard and Emily wouldn't have alerted the police, since she was technically a missing person. And, I find it equally hard to believe that a business woman like Mia would have taken in a young girl like Lorelai knowing full well that she could have been subject to serious repercussions for harbouring a runaway.

— Joseph Lezza

7. In Riverdale, Jason and Cheryl Blossom — a set of twins — are different ages.

The CW

Jason and Cheryl Blossom are twins. Jason is the same age as Polly Cooper, whom he was dating before he died. Polly is older than her younger sister Betty Cooper, who is the same age as Cheryl. HOW CAN TWO TWINS BE DIFFERENT AGES??????


8. In Teen Wolf, Malia was able to hop straight into senior year of high school with little to no problem, despite having been trapped as a werecoyote from the ages of nine until 17.


You’re telling me a girl with only third grade level education was able to easily jump straight into senior year?


9. In The Walking Dead, it's known that large noises can draw and keep hordes of zombies in one place, yet no one has used it to their advantage.

10. In Game of Thrones it's clearly stated that the white walkers can't swim, but somehow they're able to wrap large chains around Viserion at the bottom of a frozen lake.

11. In Pretty Little Liars, Hanna's college counsellor thinks she has the intelligence and enough extra-curricular interests to apply to top universities despite Hanna spending all of her free time stalking people and trying not to get killed.


Also, will universities not see that she's a murder suspect at some point?


12. Oh, and while we're on the theme of Pretty Little Liars, why did the girls not immediately go to their parents, the police or literally any other authority who could easily have helped them when the stalking began?


— meg5498

13. The last few episodes in season seven of Rules of Engagement revolve around Timmy being on the brink of deportation after his visa expires, despite him finding out in season four that he's been a US citizen for years.


How can his visa expire if he’s already a US citizen?


14. In The OC, the characters were juniors in season one and didn't graduate high school until the end of season three...with two summers in between.


I love the show to death but this always bothered me.


15. The timeline in Orange is the New Black is so screwed that the characters constantly mention real-life events that haven't happened in their universe yet.


In season one, Piper is sentenced to 15 months in prison and goes in around Thanksgiving time. Then, according to various events, it's clear that only ten months are supposed to have elapsed between seasons two, three, four, five and six, with Daya managing to have a relationship with a guard, get pregnant, have a baby, kill a guard and be sentenced to life in prison in that time frame. The worst part is that they constantly reference things in real world current events that should not have happened yet because its only 2013 in their world.

— oooholla

16. It seems impossible that Dan was Gossip Girl given the number of times he appeared alone and shell-shocked after reading an update. And there were also several times when GG Blasts went out that he couldn't have conceivably sent.

The CW

Why the hell would he be shocked by something he posted when no one else was around to see his expression anyway?


17. Also on Gossip Girl, there was a long and drawn out plotline which climaxed with Dan and Serena discovering they shared a half-sibling who was then never mentioned or seen again.

The CW

It's a huge deal and eventually they meet the son who has been adopted by another couple. But after all this emotion and lying the son is literally never mentioned or seen again. He doesn't even attend Dan and Serena's wedding despite him being their half-sibling.


18. There's a major inconsistency in Sex and the City which blows apart Samantha's whole backstory.


There's an episode in which Samantha throws a Bat Mitzvah for a rich, spoilt, overtly sexual 13 year old girl. Samantha steps in when she hears the girl talking about giving blow jobs to multiple gay men. She then explains to the girl that she has her whole life to talk about sex and should enjoy being a child. Although the girl doesn't take her advice, Samantha walks away from the conversation feeling superior because she'd had a childhood — something this girl would never have. However, fast forward a few seasons and we see Samantha proudly declare: "I fucked a guy once because his family had a pool." How old was she when this happened you ask?? 13.


19. In the first season of Supernatural, it's discovered that a demon can be identified by its specific response to the word: "Christo." But from season two onwards, it's never used.

Warner Bros

It would've gotten them out of so many different sticky situations.

20. In Friends, Phoebe claims more than once that her father left before she was born, yet when she eventually meets him it's revealed that he not only sang her lullabies as a baby, but they inspired "Smelly Cat."


— Amy Otis, Facebook

21. And, finally, in the Friends pilot, Chandler and Rachel are introduced as if they'd never met despite them having hung out multiple times as teenagers, spent a memorable Thanksgiving together during which Monica cut off Chandler's toe, and, you know, MADE OUT.


That’s not stuff you just forget!


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