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27 Small But Incredibly Impressive Details That Prove Rom-Coms Are Way Cleverer Than You Thought

These movies are way cleverer than you first thought.

1. In the first scene where Miranda Priestley appears in The Devil Wears Prada, she's carrying a Prada handbag.

2. And in the scene where Andy finds out she's going to Paris, she's not only wearing a Chanel necklace but it features an Eiffel Tower pendant.

3. In the scene where Toula and Ian are on their first date in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, two glass jars containing oranges and apples are visible.

4. In a different scene, Toula steps outside as her parents argue over her engagement to Ian. As she questions her decision, the Greek statue of love, Aphrodite, can be seen behind her.

5. One of the first of several plot twists in Crazy Stupid Love is the fact that the protagonist, Cal, unknowingly sleeps with his son's school teacher. However, her identity is actually revealed when she first meets Cal in the bar, as she's wearing the same watch and bracelet seen when she writes on the blackboard earlier in the film.

6. Later in the movie we see that the nameplate in Julianne Moore's office reads: "Assistant to the Vice President," instead of "Assistant Vice President." This is an ode to Steve Carrell's character in The Office. He of course also plays the protagonist in Crazy Stupid Love.

7. Zooey Deschanel's entire wardrobe in (500) Days of Summer was coordinated in accordance with her eye colour. The director requested that she wore some shade of blue in every single scene to make her eyes "pop" — but crucially, no other characters wore the colour at any time in the movie.

8. The background art on the screens which show how many days have passed change to reflect the status of Tom and Summer's relationship. Good days are brighter and bad days are darker, with the background reaching its bleakest on the day Summer ends things, and its brightest when Tom meets Autumn.

9. In Friends With Benefits, Justin Timberlake's character has a lightning bolt tattoo and Mila Kunis's character has a lightning bolt necklace. She wears it throughout the movie apart from the scenes in which the pair are fighting.

10. In the famous scene from Love Actually where Juliette turns up at Mark's home to ask about the wedding video, a copy of the movie Rear Window can be seen on his shelf. The film is about voyeurism and watching people without their knowledge — precisely as he's been doing.

11. At the beginning of the Sex and the City movie, there's a scene where Carrie colours with Charlotte's daughter. She uses a blue crayon to colour Cinderalla's shoe, foreshadowing the satin Manolo Blahnik stilettos that Mr Big presents her with at the end of the film.

12. Carrie is a known technophobe which was incorporated into the movie by her using the same cellphone she had in the final episode of the TV series.

13. Carrie and Mr Big were deliberately overdressed in the scene where they're reading in bed. The director wanted to show the contrast between Steve and Miranda, who weren't having sex, and Carrie and Big who were.

14. There's also a scene where Carrie is in a store and replaces a book on a stand with her own. The book she removes is Lucia Lucia — a story about a woman who planned a lavish wedding only to be left at the altar, exactly as Carrie was.

15. And, the outfits that Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda wear when they surprise Carrie at her City Hall wedding are the same colours as their bridesmaids dresses from the start of the movie.

16. In Easy A, the protagonist Olive says her name is an anagram of "I love." Her last name, "Penderghast," is also an anagram of "pretend shag." Pretend sex is, of course, the entire premise of the movie.

17. There's also a scene in which Olive goes to watch a movie entitled Der Scharlachrote Buchstabe. This is German for The Scarlet Letter — the novel Easy A is based on.

18. And the film is set in Ojai, California — a pretty town known for its orange groves. As a nod to the movie's setting, the director added oranges into the backgrounds of multiple scenes.

19. In 13 Going on 30, Jenna turns 30 exactly 13 minutes into the movie.

20. The blindfold that Jenna wears at her party is made of the same material as the eye mask she's wearing when she wakes up as a 30 year-old.

21. The picture of Madonna that's on the table of 13 year-old Jenna's room reappears when she's 30. This time, though, it's signed.

22. And the dollhouse that Matt gives Jenna for her birthday is the same colour as the house they end up in at the end of the movie.

23. 10 Things I Hate About You is a loose retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. And there are several nods to the playwright in the naming of the characters.

24. In the dinner scene in Pretty Woman where Vivian accidentally flings a snail across the room, the waiter says: "It happens all the time." A decade later, the same director cast the same actor in The Princess Diaries, and gave him the same line after Mia accidentally smashes a glass.

25. As soon as Peter in To All The Boys I've Loved Before compliments Lara Jean with her hair down, she starts regularly wearing her hair that way throughout the movie.

26. In Legally Blonde, Elle mentions that she scored 179 on the LSAT exam. This was well observed, since a perfect score is 180, which means Elle is in the top 0.1%.

27. And finally, during the birthday dinner scene in Notting Hill, Anna is asked how much she earned on her last film. She answers: "$15 million" — the amount Julia Roberts was paid for the role.