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    Taylor Swift Now Walks Backward To Avoid Being Photographed

    Nice tactic Tay.

    Taylor Swift is one of the most photographed women on the planet right now.

    Christopher Polk / Getty

    And we'd imagine that stepping outside your front door to be met with a pack of paparazzi can get a bit annoying.

    Well, it seems this is the case, with Taylor adopting a new technique to avoid being photographed: Walking backward.

    X17 Online / Via

    Yep. With the help of her bodyguard, Taylor was able to leave her friend's house in LA backward and jump into a waiting car without the paparazzi catching a glimpse of her face.

    X17 / Via
    X17 / Via
    X17 / Via
    x17 / Via

    Nicely done, Tay. 👍

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