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    North West Interrupted Kim's Video To Tell Her She Hates Snapchat

    They may both be stylish AF but that's where the similarity ends.

    North West is very like Kim Kardashian in that she's stylish AF.

    Some would say, even iconic.

    But it's becoming increasingly apparent that her love for fashion is where the similarity between North and Kim ends.

    Because in recent months, North has made it VERY clear, that unlike mommy she is not here for people taking photos of her.

    First of all she put the paparazzi in their place.

    And she also doesn't want to be photographed for Instagram purposes either, as she made abundantly clear in this video.

    But now North has revealed another difference between her and Kim: She hates social media, too.

    Kim was ~Princess Kimberly~ on Myspace back in the day, as well as being one of the first celebrities to catch on to Twitter and now spends a lot of time posting selfies on Instagram and live streaming on her app.

    North, however? Not so much.

    After Kim joined Snapchat earlier this week, posting some truly iconic photos, she decided to get North involved.

    It turns out, North hates Snapchat. And, specifically, the "scary" filters – as Kim proved with this iconic selfie.

    And to really hammer her point home, North decided to interrupt Kim mid-way through a video to tell her how much she doesn't like this social media platform.

    Sorry, Kim. Looks like you'll have to continue taking selfies alone.