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22 Songs Anyone Who Was A Fresher In 2007 Will Remember Perfectly

"Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fuuuurrrr."

1. "Umbrella" – Rihanna

Def Jam

We started uni after the wettest summer on UK record, and "Umbrella" had been sitting at the top of the carts for 10 consecutive weeks. This set a new record for the longest run at number one for any single that decade, and it's safe to say we heard it approximately 25000 times during the first year of uni.

2. "Crank That" – Soulja Boy


Bonus points if you can also remember the accompanying dance.

3. "Gimme More" – Britney Spears


I'm sorry but there are fewer things more iconic or nostalgia-inducing than hearing: "It's Britney, bitch" before the throbbing backtrack kicks in.

4. "So What" – Pink!

La Face

A breakup anthem you'd scream along to any time it was on, wishing your trash ex-boyfriend back home could hear you.

5. "About You Now" – Sugababes


Kids today will never know the excitement of a band whose lineup changed approximately every ten days.

6. "Mr Brightside" – The Killers


Yes, OK, not specific to the year of 2007, but tbh what's the point of any student night out that doesn't at some point involve screaming: "IT WAS ONLY A KISS IT WAS ONLY A KISS."

7. "The Way I Are" – Timbaland ft Keri Hilson, D.O.E, Sebastian


Remember that weird time in music where Timbaland produced and/or sang on literally every song in the charts?

8. "Low" – Flo Rida ft. T-Pain


All together now: "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fuuurrrrr."

9. "The Girls" – Calvin Harris


This was the Calvin Harris before Taylor Swift or fake tan who delivered tunes like "Acceptable in the 80s," and also probably played at your end of year ball.

10. "If That's OK With You" – Shayne Ward


Back in the days when The X Factor was the main event of a Saturday night and the winners had huge careers, we were blessed with lyrical perfection such as this: "I'm gonna Saint your mother just for giving you birth."

11. "Stronger" – Kanye West

Roc A Fella

Long before we had Kimye in our lives, we were bopping around the student's union to this certified banger. And here's a bonus fact to make you feel old AF: At the time of Fresher's Week in September 2007, we didn't know who Kim Kardashian even was, because the first season Keeping Up With The Kardashians didn't air until the following month.

12. "Valerie" – Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse


This song has aged really bloody well.

13. "How To Save A Life" – The Fray


If you didn't stay up talking til the sun rose with this playing in the background at least once, what were you doing with your time?

14. "She's So Lovely" – Scouting For Girls


Not to be confused with the similar sounding songs of The Wombats and The Feeling who were also a mainstay on playlists everywhere during your uni days.

15. "Closer" – Neyo

Def Jam

"Closer" was just the beginning of Neyo's reign and what a banger it remains.

16. "Love Is Gone" – David Guetta

Gum Productions

This was David Guetta's first ever release, and every subsequent track featured on pre-drinking playlists across the country.

17. "Flux" – Bloc Party


God, Bloc Party are great.

18. "Black and Gold" – Sam Sparro


What the hell happened to Sam Sparro?

19. "Don't Stop The Music" – Rihanna

Def Jam

Featuring the best use of a Michael Jackson sample of all time.

20. "Wearing My Rolex" – Wiley

Warner Bros

Even if you were useless with lyrics you could remember: "Usually drink, usually dance, usually babble."

21. "American Boy" – Estelle ft Kanye West


"Ribena, know what you're drinking."

22. "Sex On Fire" – Kings Of Leon


I think we can collectively agree that we've probably heard this song on a night out more than any other in history.