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34 Celebrity Responses To Make You Goddamn Proud To Be A Woman

I'm not bossy, I'm the boss.

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1. When Beyoncé helped promote the perfect comeback to anyone who says "Feminism is man-hating."

2. And then Zooey Deschanel championed all women who work hard.

3. When Zoe Saldana told women to never limit themselves.

4. And Angelina Jolie gave this fantastic response to a question about being a ~Bond girl~.

5. When Katy Perry refused to engage with this question pitting women up against each other.

6. And Fifth Harmony were equally as reluctant to talk about one of their friends for "acting a fool and ho-ing it up".

Like, dude, can you not?

7. When Christina Aguilera gave this response when asked about "being a bitch".

8. And Nicki Minaj reminded us all that we HAVE TO speak our damn minds.

9. Before pointing out that men are NEVER criticised for doing the same.

10. Then Tina Fey wrote this goddamn perfect line in Mean Girls.

11. When Amy Poehler reminded us all to give ourselves a break.

12. And Lady Gaga told us to embrace every part of who we are.

13. Before Ellen DeGeneres told us that beauty has nothing to do with physical appearance.

The Ellen Show

14. When Taylor Swift schooled the world on how to be happy without being in a relationship.

Entertainment Tonight /
Entertainment Tonight /
Entertainment Tonight /
Entertainment Tonight /

15. And Selena Gomez showed us exactly how to laugh about a relationship once the heartache has subsided.

Worldwide Pants Inc /
Worldwide Pants Inc /
Worldwide Pants Inc /
Worldwide Pants Inc /

16. Before Nina Dobrev shut down this patronising question about love.

Extra TV /
Extra TV /
Extra TV /
Extra TV /

"I'm not single, I'm choosing to exist, now get lost."

17. When Michelle Obama revealed the inspiring advice she's given to her daughters.

18. And Mindy Kaling told us how to be successful.

Sundance Film Festival /
Sundance Film Festival /
Sundance Film Festival /
Sundance Film Festival /

19. While Viola Davis reminded us that we're all individuals.

20. When Keira Knightley called out a reporter for asking how she "balances her work and personal life."

21. And Jennifer Lawrence gave this response to a question about her hair and makeup...

Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight

22. ...Which was only just beaten by her response to how she "got ready for the Oscars." / ABC / ABC / ABC / ABC

I mean, we could ask her a question about something other than her appearance? Just a thought.

23. When Emma Watson reminded us of this important fact.

24. Before using her fame to draw attention to the inequality of the film industry.

"Seven percent of directors are female. Why are we not telling women's stories? Why are women not directing their own stories?"

25. When Patricia Arquette used her acceptance speech as a chance to talk about gender equality.

And Meryl Streep was all "YAAASS!"

26. When Lorde called out a reporter for this question and gave the sassiest of comebacks.

27. And Megan Fox did the same.

28. When Marina Diamandis reminded us it's OK to not conform.

29. And Charli XCX reinforced this point.

30. When Tina Fey could not have articulated this more perfectly.

31. When Jennifer Lawrence couldn't give two shits about being judged on her appearance.

32. And Kelly Clarkson had no time for people's ~opinions~ about her weight.

33. When Rihanna had zero time for condescending terminology.

34. And finally, when Zooey Deschanel gave this perfect answer to the question, "What does 'girl power' mean to you?"