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    19 Moments From "Friends" That Will Just Never Get Old


    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which moment from Friends remains iconic. Here are some of the best responses.

    1. When Ross was anything but fine.

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    He makes fajitas, he gets drunk on margaritas, he thinks "flan for three" rhymes. What's not to love?


    He tries to act "fine," but is both hammered and still upset over Joey and Rachel dating. It never gets old to watch him freak out over simple things and scream: "MY FAJITAS!"


    He's so obviously NOT fine, and his "Love" poem gets me every time.


    2. The absolute genius of the trivia quiz.

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    Warner Bros

    When Monica and Rachel bet Chandler and Joey the apartment or get rid of the chick and the duck. The game they play is already hilarious, but when the girls lose and Monica screams out: "NOOOOO!" I lose it every time.

    Ian O'Connell

    The trivia questions Ross comes up with are hands down the BEST, and the responses are even better! It's my go-to episode when I'm having a bad day and need a laugh.

    Kayla Bee

    3. When everyone was late for their Thanksgiving dinner.

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    Everything about that whole episode is hilarious. I cry laughing at the floating heads and Joey “stealing” Ross’s pocket to look like they were mugged.


    When Joey tries to get Monica and Chandler to forgive them using "eye contact." He makes the craziest face possible through the crack in the door, and I lose my fucking mind every time.


    Joey had been annoying Ross all day (ruining the hockey surprise, not sharing his nachos during the game and ripping his shirt pocket off,) but when Ross sees him wearing a very visible foam finger while lying to Monica and Chandler, he brilliantly screams “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TAKE IT OFF!” and throws the finger off. How Matt LeBlanc kept a straight face afterwards is beyond me.


    4. When Ross had a complete meltdown over condoms.

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    5. When Joey put on all of Chandler's clothes.

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    After so much back and forth between Chandler and Joey over the right to sit in a chair while everyone else gets ready very slowly for Ross' event, Chandler hides Joey's clothes. When Joey comes back in wearing everything Chandler owns, it's the best, worst, smartest, dumbest but all round funniest moment imaginable.


    Joey walking in wearing all of Chandler's clothes is my favourite moment in all of TV history.


    6. When Phoebe tried to sing along with Ross' bagpipes.

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    You can see how hard they're all trying to keep it together and how Jennifer Aniston has already given up. The bloopers to that scene are gold as well, and I still believe it is the single greatest thing to ever air on TV.


    7. Ross' leather pants debacle.

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    In the episode, "The One With All The Resolutions," Ross decides to try leather pants for the first time on a date. The whole scene where he tries to get them back on after a trip to the bathroom is hilarious enough, but the part where he slips and smacks himself in the head just gets me every time.


    8. This line from "The One Where Everybody Finds Out."

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    The line: "They don't know we know they know we know" gets me every time. And the way Phoebe and Chandler try and get the other to crack is GOLD.


    9. This one-liner from Chandler.

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    10. As well as this one.

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    11. And this one from Rachel.

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    12. When Ross and Monica told their parents each other's deepest secrets.

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    My fave episode ever is "The One Where Ross Got High." The Friends always reveal secrets (Chandler in a Box episode, Ross’s Space Mountain incident, the Vanilla Ice look-alike contest, etc) and it’s great. But when Judy gets in on the yelling. Oh man. Hilarious.


    It’s by far my favourite episode. I just love how Ross and Monica go back and forth telling their parents their secrets.


    13. When Phoebe and Rachel scared the shit out of Ross.

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    In the Unagi episode, Ross tries to prove to Phoebe and Rachel that danger exists

    around every corner. To get him back, they hide in his apartment to scare him. The moment when they jump out and yell: "DANGER" and Ross screams bloody murder gets me every time, no matter how many times I've seen the episode!


    14. And when Monica scared the shit out of Joey.

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    This one scene cracks me up every time. Not the dancing with the turkey on her head, not the "I love you". THIS – when Joey gets the crap scared out of him.


    The look on Joey's face when he was walks in never fails to make me laugh.


    15. When Ross counted wrong and ended up with this tan.

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    16. When Joey completely misunderstood this saying.

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    17. When Matthew Perry couldn't help but laugh at this joke.

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    When Chandler tells Rachel, "I'm sorry, we don't have your sheep" and can't keep a straight face. I rewind to see his smile every time.

    – NerdIsTheWord

    18. Ross' sandwich.

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    It never gets old.


    19. And, finally, "PIVOT."

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    Absolutely, without a doubt, Ross yelling: "PIVOT" as they try to get the couch up the stairs is both the most memorable the relatable scene from Friends.


    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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