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24 Struggles People Who Love Taking Selfies Just Get

When you and your BFF have the same "good side".

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1. Most people just don't understand your love of selfies, and just either laugh or look on in confusion.


2. It's almost like they just DON'T GET the importance of taking a selfie whenever, wherever the urge takes you.

3. It has taken literal years to get your best selfie face down.

4. It can also take a long time to really get to know your angles.

But now you've nailed both and you have a trademark look.

5. You have selfies taken in every bizarre situation you can imagine.

The Ellen Show

Some people think it's weird to take a selfie on a rail replacement bus. You think it's totally normal.

6. In fact, you know that a new life event basically hasn't happened until you've documented it with a selfie.

Like, if you don't have a selfie of your new haircut, did it really happen?

7. You're so used to taking selfies, you've kind of forgotten how to pose for any other form of photo.

What, we're smiling for this one? I'm sorry, all I know how to do is stare into the camera and pout.

8. In fact, you'll be doing your own thing in all goup photos.

9. You've been known to stop the activity you're doing just to take a selfie.

10. Or other times, just continue regardless.

11. There's nothing more annoying than feeling your look but then your selfies not turning out right.

And your camera roll consisting of 4,000 attempts.

12. But not quite as annoying as being in a selfie with a friend where your look is on point but they're not feeling theirs so you can't post it.

13. OR when you and your friend have the same best side.

Who will end up looking less good, or will you take two photos, swapping sides? Oh, the decisions.

14. You've desperately tried to get your S.O on board but they're not so keen.

Why are you making me do this?

15. People get annoyed when you interrupt their selfies to give them tips on how to make it better.

Hold your phone up a little higher. Turn your head slightly to the left. No, not like that. WHAT? I JUST WANT YOU TO LOOK YOUR BEST.

16. They also get annoyed when you can't help but invade their selfie.

What? If there's a camera there, I need to be in front of it.

17. You've learned the hard way that props can just totally ruin a selfie.

18. There's nothing better than finding a full-length mirror when your outfit is on point.

19. But it's intensely irritating when your whole outfit won't quite fit in the frame and you have to resort to desperate measures.


20. If there's a photobooth at a party, you'll be stationed there all night.

brb just posing for, like, six hours.

21. You will not participate in selfies which involve you pulling ~silly quirky~ faces.

You may even deliberately sabotage them by pouting the shit out of that photo.

22. People photobombing your perfect selfie is your number one pet hate in life.


24. But ultimately, being called vain is worth it when you have captured every possible important memory and person in your life.

Because that's what really matters.