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Everyone Thinks Pete From "TOWIE" Is The Perfect Boyfriend

This guy is actual perfection.

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When TOWIE recruited Pete Wicks, he attracted a lot of attention. Mainly because, with his long hair, hundreds of tattoos, and respectful attitude, he was a million miles away from the usual TOWIE lad.

And since he got together with Megan McKenna, he's really come into his own.

In fact, people are going as far as to say that they think Pete is the perfect boyfriend.

Catching up on towie and isn't Pete just the best boyfriend to Megan ever!


First off, he says the nicest things about Megan, and their relationship.

#TOWIE love the way pete talks about megan and how he treats her😍

At the start of this series, he not only subjected himself to rollerbooting as a way of ~bonding~ with her two BFFs, but he also didn't shy away from their probing questions, like: "What are your intentions with Megan?"


But as is always the way in TOWIE, it didn't take long for ~~rumours~~ to begin circulating about Megan.

She was accused of "grinding" with another guy while on holiday.

This is the point at which any other guy on TOWIE would've GONE OFF on one. Pete though?

The way Pete has Megan's back as a boyfriend is pure loyalty💯❤️ never use that emoji but it's relevant for this #TOWIE


But anyone who knows Megan from her Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother days will be aware that a) she's had a shit time with guys and b) she has a bit of a temper.

So it didn't take long for her to have it out with the source of the rumour – Mike Hassini – too.


Hear, hear.

the way Pete defends Megan and acts about her is literally the most attractive thing ever 😥 #towie


Now, it's been pointed out that all boyfriends should behave this way towards their girlfriends.

Why are girls buzzing about how Pete backs Megan? Isn't that standard in a relationship? You girls must have been with some dickheads 😂


"What's the present?" I hear you ask. Maybe some chocolates? Flowers? Bottle of wine?


Pete bought Megan some Louboutins and I can't even get a guy to by me a milkshake #TOWIE

Megan got a pair of loubs for been 'down in the dumps' can I have a Pete please?!?!?😩 #towie


But the drama doesn't end there. Because Megan then had a falling out with one of her best friends.

Catching up on #towie - feel so sorry for @Megan_Mckenna_ Girls can be so cruel sometimes. Thank goodness for Pete! He's a good egg.

Which was rubbish timing seeing as all the girls were about to participate in a fashion show (because that's the sort of thing they do in Essex) and Megan broke down in tears telling Pete about the argument.


In short, this.

Get yourself a boy/man that looks at you the way Pete looks at Megan😍😍 #TOWIE

RIP all of us.

Honestly Pete just has me dead every episode, seriously the way he protects Megan is just so sexy #towie

Pete Wicks, we are not worthy.