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    40 Times Beyoncé Ran The World In 2014

    Bow down.

    1. So it may not actually count as 2014, but Queen Bey ended last year on a pretty spectacular note by dropping her eponymous album on iTunes without any warning or promotion, on 13 December. It blew up the internet and set the pace for 2014.

    2. Oh and now she casually swoops in on "Feeling Myself" with the line: "Change the game with that digital drop/ Know where you was when that digital pop/ I stopped the world."

    3. But let's rewind to the the time when she performed at the MTV VMAs and everyone was totally overwhelmed by her levels of perfection. Even her dancers.

    4. She did stuff like this:

    5. And this:

    6. Everyone lost their shit.

    7. And she was like "HOW DID YOU WAKE UP THIS MORNING" and we were like: "FLAWLESS, BEYONCÉ, FLAWLESS".

    8. Then this happened.

    9. And we were like BEYONCÉ, PLEASE, WE CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE.

    10. Then she pretty much slayed anyone who questioned her feminist credentials by including this in her performance.


    12. And then people legit died as a result of the performance.


    I'm crying, naked, shaking,and covered in someone else's blood after beyonce's performance.

    sp00ky spice@aershaneFollow

    I'm crying, naked, shaking,and covered in someone else's blood after beyonce's performance.

    4:28 AM - 25 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite


    Actually can't breath someone call 911 cause of Beyoncé

    Ryan Vickers@RYnoceros1Follow

    Actually can't breath someone call 911 cause of Beyoncé

    4:14 AM - 25 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    15. Then Jay Z and Blue Ivy came on stage to present her with an award, and Blue was all "Good job, mommy" and our hearts LITERALLY melted.

    16. And then Bey burst into tears and it was the most beautiful moment ever because not only is she the best performer of her generation, but an amazing mum and wife too.


    17. Also, let's not forget that she basically owned the whole ceremony by winning FOUR awards. And then posed with them like this.

    18. There was also the time when she stopped an entire show just to sing "Happy Birthday" to a fan, because that's just the kind of woman she is.

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    19. This was also the year of phenomenal Beyoncé red carpet outfits, like this:

    20. And also this.

    21. This as well.

    22. But mainly this.


    23. She took powerful selfies.

    24. Posed for a snap in this dress – pulled up to look like a leotard, naturally – emblazoned with the words, "Got 99 problems but my ass ain't one."

    25. And channeled her inner supermodel.

    26. But this photo was just in a league of its own.

    27. Speaking of Jay Z, 2014 was also the year of the "On The Run" tour. Everyone was like "Oh HEY relationship goals".

    28. Srsly.

    29. She teamed up with fellow diva Nicki Minaj for the remix of "Flawless," proving that girl power is where it's at.

    30. There were some truly wondrous hair flicks.

    31. And she also dropped the 7/11 video, which got a casual 48 million views on YouTube in just 16 days.

    32. Probably because she wore a jumper with the word "KALE" on it that frankly no one apart from Beyoncé could come close to pulling off.

    33. But let's not forget when she did all kinds of amazing things on a chair at the Grammys, because when one is Beyoncé, one does not just simply sit on a chair.

    34. See?

    35. Then she got Jay Z up on stage and this happened.

    36. As well as this, because she is a goddess on earth.

    37. Also, remember when she popped into an Italian church where a couple just happened to be getting married? So obviously she got in their wedding photos too.

    38. There was the time when she and Jay Z met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge which was cool.

    39. But we all knew who the real royalty was here.

    40. And finally, as if we needed any further proof that she runs this world, Bey also said THIS in 2014 and women everywhere were like, "This, Beyoncé, is why you are our Queen".