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17 Hot Celebrity Dads And Their Babies To Brighten Up Your Day

Prepare for your heart to melt.

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1. Here's Channing Tatum gazing adorably at baby Everly.

2. Then there's Josh Duhamel holding a sleepy Axl.

We want to be held in those perfect arms too.

3. And Jay Z cradling Blue Ivy when she was just a few hours old.

4. How about this photo of Tom Hardy and baby Louis with their matching blue eyes?

Excuse us while our hearts shatter into a million pieces.
Via Facebook

Excuse us while our hearts shatter into a million pieces.

5. Or David Beckham eskimo-kissing Harper.

6. Then there's baby North and her squishy little cheeks making Kanye West smile for the first time in his life.

7. And Marvin Humes kissing Alaia-Mai.

8. And also Harper having a little snuggle on David's manly chest.

*Ovaries explode*

*Ovaries explode*

9. Thought we'd reached peak cuteness? You haven't seen little Sparrow deciding he'd look better in Joel Madden's baseball cap. / Via

10. And Michael Buble with a slightly startled-looking Noah hanging out with Mickey Mouse. / Via Instagram

11. Or Teddy clinging to Robbie Williams' chest like a baby koala.

12. Or what could be the most perfect photo imaginable.

13. But then there's also Eric Johnson and his babies all snug after bath time.

14. Plus this pictorial evidence that all rugby players should make babies. / Via

15. And Chris Hemsworth pulling a duck face for baby India.


16. As well as the moment when Simon Cowell suddenly became attractive.

17. And finally, the proof that men with incredible facial hair should have a baby in their arms at all times. / Via Instagram