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    Hilary Duff Opened Up About Deciding Whether To Have A Baby During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    "Is it safe to have a baby right now? We don't know. Can we hold on for two years, or is work going to be crazy?"

    Hilary Duff has opened up about the experience of parenting during lockdown, and revealed that she's been deliberating over the prospect having another baby amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Hilary, 32, has spent the last four months in lockdown with her husband, Matthew, their daughter, Banks, 20 months, and her 8-year-old son Luca from her first marriage.

    And despite admitting at the start of lockdown that she was struggling with homeschooling, Hilary has now revealed that the family are now adapting to their new reality fairly well.

    In fact, she revealed that both Luca and Banks have got into the routine of wearing face masks whenever they go out, with her son being "great about" the new process "from the beginning".

    "If my 20-month-old daughter can do it for 15 minutes, adults can wear a mask for whatever errands they're doing that day or whoever you have to see," she continued. "It's so important."

    And Hilary went on to admit that she and Matthew — who got married in December — have been going back and forth over whether now is the right time to expand to their brood.

    "We're obsessed with our kids and we're like, 'Should we do one more? Is this a good time?'" she explained.

    "It's tough because everything is so uncertain," Hilary added. "Like, is it safe to have a baby right now? We don't know. Can we hold on for two years or is work going to be crazy?"

    Well, one thing's for sure — whether they have more kids or not, the Duff/Koma family is adorable.

    You can read Hilary Duff's full interview with People here.

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