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Here's Proof That Kate Winslet Is Basically Immortal

She gets more flawless as each BAFTA appearance goes by.

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Kate Winslet stepped onto the red carpet Sunday evening for the BAFTAs. And...just...holy shit.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

The woman kills any red carpet she steps on.

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However, one thing is very clear: the woman is basically immortal. Here's the evidence.

Here's Kate, clutching her BAFTA back in 1999, looking pretty much the same as tonight.

Michael Stephens / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

Here she is on the 2001 BAFTAs red carpet, looking, again, fucking flawless.

Furniss_peters / PA

In 2002 she appeared to be younger than she was the previous year, which is good going.

William Conran / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

By 2007 it became clear that Kate is basically Benjamin Button at this point.

Doug Peters

I mean, come on.

Doug Peters

But, finally, there's the fact that this is Kate, collecting her BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress in 1996. NINETEEN NINETY SIX. Proof that Kate Winslet has not changed in TWENTY damn years.

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