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Here's Kim Kardashian In 2011 Swearing She'd Never Pose Nude Again

She's made quite the U-turn.

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Yesterday, the internet went into meltdown over a photo of Kim Kardashian's butt. And today, Paper magazine released the below full-frontal image of her completely nude. This is 100% NSFW.

But this is her back in 2011 saying she would NEVER pose nude again. / Via E!

So what the heck happened?

Kardashian made the promise to keep her clothes on after a photo shoot with W magazine went wrong.

She agreed to pose for a shoot in which her body was covered in silver paint. She was told that artwork would be overlaid digitally on top of her body so there wouldn't be any nudity.

However, when the final proofs came back there was no artwork overlay, meaning that she appeared totally naked in the magazine. The whole debacle was captured on camera for Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Kardashian was filmed hysterically crying down the phone to Kris Jenner, her mother and manager.

She said: "This is just absurd, there's no artwork in this whole thing. You can see nipples, you can see my ass crack. Oh my god I look more naked here than I was in Playboy.

"I thought I was going to be covered in artwork and what I'm looking at is complete nudity. I'm just so fucking mad. I'm so fucking mad you have no idea."

She went on to tell her mum to "fire everyone" responsible for the mistake.

"Mom, have you seen my cover?" she said. "I feel so fucking taken advantage of. I'm never getting naked again. Whoever is running my shit is fucked up, and I'm going to fire everyone."

She continued: "To have come so far to go back to that just upsets me. Fucking do something!"

Speaking to camera, Kardashian expressed her concern that following the leak of her sex tape, people would say "all she's good for is being naked".

Via E!

She said: "It's really hard for me to see these images. I obviously knew what I was getting myself into, I was posing nude. But the whole concept to me was different. I don't want people to be like, 'All she's good for is being naked.'

She concluded by telling her mum that she would never get naked again.

Via E!

"I've learnt my lesson," she said. "I mean, I'm definitely not getting naked or taking my clothes off ever again. I don't care if it's, like, Vogue."

Well, it seems she's made quite the U-turn.