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    Speidi's Baby Made His Debut On The Cover Of A Tabloid Mag Just Like They'd Hoped

    And he's adorable.

    Last week, The Hills royalty Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt announced that their baby boy, Gunner Stone, had entered the world.

    And while they revealed that they'd bought the baby an iPhone and had set up social media channels for him, we've yet to see a photo. And that's because Speidi were holding out for Gunner to make his big debut via the cover of a tabloid magazine.

    Well, today's the day!

    And just look how adorable he is!

    Heidi shared the image on Instagram alongside this lovely caption.

    And Spencer reiterated the sentiment in his.

    It seems that Spencer is very much the proud new dad, because he's also changed his Twitter username.

    Oh, and now that Gunner has made his grand debut, the next step is getting him verified.

    now just gotta get my son his blue check on IG

    Although Gunner has already updated his Instagram account.

    Congratulations Speidi!