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Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt's Baby Has Arrived And The Name Is Unusual

The name is unusual, but not as "flashy" as Spencer had hoped.

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The Hills royalty Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have charted the preparations for the birth of their baby since announcing her pregnancy back in April.

So since Heidi revealed on Instagram two weeks ago that she was already one centimetre dilated and could go into labour early, we've all been on high alert.


Well, the news is now in that Heidi and Spencer have welcomed their son a full 19 days before his due date!

The couple told E! that they've named their son Gunner Stone.

Their spokesperson said: "Heidi and Spencer are proud parents of a healthy baby boy as of this afternoon." The rep added that the baby was born at 3:06 p.m on Sunday, weighing in at 6 lbs 12 oz and has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Back in August, the pair revealed they'd settled on a name for their son, but that Spencer was disappointed it wasn't as "flashy" as he'd hoped.

Heidi told E! that the name was "very original," while Spencer added: "We came to a common ground. It's not as flashy as I wanted. I definitely wanted Speidi. At least a middle name!"

And no child of Speidi could exist without a social media presence, with Spencer revealing that Gunner already has an iPhone ready and waiting for him at home.

Spencer recently told The Sun: "He's a future reality star and a social media star. He has a new iPhone 8s, it's set up already for when he's here. I didn't want him to have the iPhone X and get overwhelmed. So his is just an 8. We've already locked in his Instagram, his Facebook, his Twitter."

Welcome to the world, Gunner!

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