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    29 Times Chrissy Teigen Clapped The Hell Back

    Chrissy shutting shit down is the gift we all deserve.

    1. When John Legend was nominated for two Grammys and she wondered where her praise was.

    2. And gave the best response to someone calling her rude as a result.

    3. When she was fed up of spam comments on her Instagram.

    4. When Miss Teen USA revealed their final five contestants...

    These are your TOP 5 #MissTeenUSA contestants!

    And Chrissy said what everyone was thinking.

    5. When she delivered this A+ burn to Donald Trump.

    6. And wished him a happy birthday.

    Let's just appreciate that caption again.

    7. Oh, and there was also the time when she straight-up called him a twat.

    8. When she was shamed for going out for dinner 10 days after her daughter was born, and responded to the trolls perfectly.

    9. When she had no time for people comparing women's appearances.

    10. When she and John teamed up against Piers Morgan, after he claimed that Muhammad Ali said far more "inflammatory and racist things about white people than Donald Trump has ever said about Muslims."

    And she kept going...

    ...and going...

    ...and going...

    11. ...before delivering this perfect burn.

    Which he attempted to return...

    12. ...but she just owned him once more.

    Take a bow, Chrissy.

    13. When someone took offence to her swearing, and she shut them down.

    14. When someone told Kim Kardashian that her revealing that North designs her clothes and chooses the fabrics is the "reason people hate" her.

    So Chrissy added some humour to the proceedings.

    15. And when Kristin Cavallari's parenting was criticised, Chrissy stuck up for her too.


    16. When she had the funniest response to someone wanting to buy a blender.

    17. But drew the line at shelling out for college tuition.

    18. When haters criticised her for choosing the sex of her baby through IVF, she shut them down too.

    And when one particular troll got super personal...

    19. Chrissy was dignified in her clapback.

    20. When she put John firmly in his place.

    21. When people began speculating that she was having twins, even though she'd denied it, she told them to get out of her uterus.

    22. And when trolls told her she'd "put on weight" in her latest Instagram photo and she made this valid point.

    23. When she revealed that Forever 21 fired her during a shoot for being "fat," so she publicly shamed them.

    24. When Piers Morgan piped up again, this time to criticise Jennifer Aniston for writing a piece about the media's portrayal of women, Chrissy stepped in to shut him the fuck down once more.

    25. And when he replied in a patronising manner, she shut him down again.

    26. And once more for good measure.

    27. When she and John teamed up once again, to fight Donald Trump.

    Because she's clearly taught him well.

    28. When she made this A+ observation after trolls joked about Kim Kardashian being robbed at gunpoint.

    29. And, finally, when someone told her to worry about "pleasing her husband" rather than defend Kim against trolls, she had the best damn comeback.

    Chrissy, we salute you.