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    42 Things Kimye Do In Their Relationship That Normal People Couldn't

    God bless you, Kim and Kanye.

    1. Wear matching leather trousers during a family trip to the zoo.

    2. Have your child baptised in the same place as Jesus Christ.

    3. Take a photo of your husband blindfolded on the way to his birthday surprise.

    4. Which involves shutting down an entire basketball arena so your husband can play with all his friends.

    5. Have your husband take photos of you wearing a fur bikini.

    6. Propose to your future wife by renting out an entire baseball stadium and having a six-piece orchestra play her favourite song as fireworks erupt and the words "Please marry me!" are projected on a screen.

    7. Have a carriage deliver you to the Palace of Versailles, which has been shut down for a private party the night before your wedding.

    8. Pose in front of the carriage like a pair of badasses.

    9. Then enjoy Lana Del Rey performing a private set for your friends and family.

    10. Have your husband allow your daughter to paint her own art on a $12,000 handbag as a Christmas gift.

    11. Receive an entire wall of flowers to celebrate your first Mother's Day.

    12. And then conduct a photo shoot in front of it, because what else are you supposed to do?!

    13. Get naked, hold each other in a passionate embrace, and have someone photograph it.

    14. Catch a private helicopter to Glastonbury.

    15. Lick each other's tongues in a photo booth.

    16. And share a photo of yourself licking your husband's face.

    17. Receive a thousand red roses for Valentine's Day.

    18. And then pose among them.

    19. Wear matching white outfits and pose in front of your Lamborghini Aventador.

    20. Have your husband bring his stylist over to clear out all the clothes he doesn't like from your closet and replace them with new ones.

    Kim's stylist: This can go for sure.

    Kim: OK.

    *Kanye picks up some more*

    Kim: No, no, no! I NEED these! Shouldn't I just keep these for my daughter one day?

    21. Everything that's happening here.

    22. Have Valentino invite you and your family to his house for brunch.

    23. Take your daughter to a fashion show and watch as she throws a tantrum on the front row.

    REUTERS © Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    24. Make a "selfie book" for your husband.

    Which involves going on a family holiday and taking a minimum of 1,200 photos of yourself.

    25. Arrive in a hotel in Brazil to find "a couple thousand roses" from your husband covering your entire suite for Mother's Day.

    26. Have your husband arrange for a string quartet to be playing a Sam Smith song at the restaurant you're dining at for Mother's Day, with every waiter instructed to say "This is from Mr West for the best mother in the world" each time they deliver food.

    27. Post a series of naked photos of your wife on Twitter alongside the word: "SWISH!!!"

    28. Share a photo on Instagram showing your husband caressing your butt.

    29. On more than one occasion.

    30. Hang out with Cher and Marc Jacobs like it's NBD.

    31. As well as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

    32. Own a custom-made clutch depicting your wedding photo, which at the time was the most liked photo on Instagram ever.

    33. Wear matching cleavage-bearing tops to a fashion show.

    Getty Images Rindoff/Dufour

    34. Post a photo of yourself in a white swimsuit on Instagram.

    35. And have your husband respond with this.

    “@KimKardashian: #NoFilter” HEADING HOME NOW

    36. Pose for a photo shoot in the middle of a shop when no one's around.

    37. Post a selfie while your husband patiently waits in the bed behind you.

    38. Practice your wedding kiss like this.

    39. Don matching leather "Just Married" jackets at your wedding reception.

    40. Receive a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind $12,000 Birkin handbag for Christmas.

    41. Wear matching Balmain outfits and strut around Paris like actual royalty.


    42. And, finally, pose for a photo together in the loo.

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