Gigi Hadid May Have Dropped Huge Hints About Her Pregnancy On Instagram Four Days Ago And No One Noticed

    The strings on the balloons!

    Yesterday it was reported that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are expecting their first child together!

    The pair have been on-again, off-again since 2015, but they most recently reunited last November.

    And it seems that their relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since. TMZ reported that Gigi is around 20 weeks pregnant, with both families feeling "overjoyed" at the news.

    Well, over the weekend, Gigi and Zayn made a rare appearance together on Instagram in a series of posts to mark her 25th birthday.

    "Had the sweetest day celebrating my 25th birthday with my quarantine family, who made it so special for me," Gigi wrote in the caption of herself clutching giant "25" balloons.

    However, eagle-eyed fans have now looked back over the Instagram posts and found some clues which suggest that this wasn't just a birthday party, but a gender-reveal bash.

    And to be honest, the evidence is so convincing I'm surprised we didn't all catch on to their baby news sooner.

    The first clue was the colour of the strings on the "25" balloons. Fans noticed that the "2" had a blue string, while the "5" had a pink one.

    And in this photo of Gigi hugging Zayn, she could be seen holding the balloon with the blue string. Fans have taken this as a big, obvious hint that she's expecting a boy.

    People also noticed two clues in posts from Gigi's sister, Bella: The first was the fact that one of her gift bags was decorated with "Baby Shark" characters.

    And fans also noticed that Bella had covered up the front of another of her gift bags with this sunflower emoji.

    Why? Well, it turns out the bag bears a striking resemblance to this one designed for baby gifts, which has the message "hello little one" emblazoned on the front.

    And, finally, Gigi hinted that her celebrations had been extra special in the caption of her first Instagram post, where she wrote that she would "never forget [her] 25th birthday".

    It didn't take long before fans began posting their findings on social media and berating themselves for not noticing the signs before.

    Bella posted that story on gigi's birthday and she literally covered it because it says hello little one. OMG ALL THE PIECES ARE COMING TOGETHER.

    Bro WEโ€™RE SO DUMB. The blue and pink strings- . It was a gender reveal party as well?? Also I think that itโ€™s a boy since Gigi is holding the balloon with blue strings.

    @kiwixlwt If I may I would also like to add what I found.. Bella had posted on insta stories of Gigiโ€™s gifts and one bag is baby shark themed and in the next photo she purposely covered the writing on the bag.. I was wondering this before but the pieces are starting to come together ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ

    The blue and pink strings!!! Gigi kinda wearing loose fitting shirt and kind of a Cardigan over it to hide the bump?!!??just saying... The gift bags of Baby shark and "Hello little one" written over it..!!!

    So are we onto something or just straight-up clowning? I guess we'll have to wait a few more months to find out.