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43 Times The Cast Of "Game Of Thrones" Really Were Best Friends

They may be enemies on screen, but off screen they really are the best of friends.

1. Game of Thrones may feature its fair share of violence and gore.

2. But in real life, the cast are the best of friends.

3. They attend red carpet events together.

4. Where they win awards, but mainly just mess around.

5. They also can't help but crack up during ~official photo shoots~.

6. Where licking one another's faces is just part of the deal.

7. Their selfie game is just on point.

8. Like, seriously.

9. They even share selfies with captions saying they can't wait to see each other.

10. They never shy away from a public display of affection.

11. Whether it's a hug.

12. Or a kiss on the cheek.

13. Or a loved-up face nuzzle.

14. Just look how goddamn cute they are.

15. Oh, and straight-up girl-crushing on each other is commonplace, too.

16. I mean, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are obsessed with each other.

17. In fact, the whole cast knows them as a double act.

18. Just look at that selfie action. Look at the hysterical laughter.

19. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

20. The cast go for dinners together.

21. And take scooter rides.

22. And hang out at the beach.

23. And everyone knows friends who rave together, stay together.

24. They can laugh at each other when they screw up on set.

25. Especially when they just can't get their lines right.

26. And even when it's fricking freezing, they're happy to be around one another.

27. They hang out together in the evenings after filming, too.

28. And find photo booths to take masterpieces like this.

29. And this.

30. As well as taking selfies in the ladies loo like everyone on a girls' night out does.

31. Plus, they go shopping together.

32. And live the dream by travelling on a private jet.

33. And when they're reunited on red carpets they're just SO damn happy to see one another.

34. They prank one another.

35. Drink sangria together.

36. And work the camera.

37. Because BFFs pose for perfect photos like this.

38. And give each other lifts.

39. And mess around for selfies like this.

40. It's pretty damn clear that they'll be friends for life.

41. And continue to take hundreds of photos together.

42. Unable to stop laughing.

43. Because this, people, is the ultimate in squad goals. ❤️