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26 Reasons To Be Eternally Thankful For Jamie Dornan's Existence

May we never take him for granted.

1. Because of his masculine ability to wield a golf club with such raw sexual authority.

Getty Images David Cannon

2. Because no man has ever looked this good in a suit.

Focus Features / Via

In fact, we have reached peak suit here. All other men should just give up and go home.

3. The way he manages to outshine two men wearing nothing but their underwear.

Getty Images Ian Gavan

4. The way he manages to outshine four men wearing nothing but their underwear.

Getty Images Ian Gavan

5. The way he manages to outshine SEVEN FUCKING MEN wearing nothing but their underwear.

Getty Images Ian Gavan

6. Oh, and because THIS is what HE looks like wearing nothing but underwear and OH MY GOD I need a moment alone.

Steve Klein, 2009 / Via Calvin Klein

7. We should remember how privileged we are in our ability to witness Jamie Dornan with his top off. So many before us were not so lucky.

Focus Features / Via

8. Be thankful that you are able to witness Jamie softly stroking his forehead and pushing back his hair.

Focus Features / Via

9. And the fact that just when you thought he couldn't get any more beautiful he went and grew a goddamn beard.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

10. We should all spend our days on our hands and knees worshiping the sight of Jamie Dornan's beautiful smile.

11. Because imagine if there was no Jamie Dornan and we spent our entire existence without him saying, "Fuck the paperwork" and passionately kissing us. / Focus Features / Focus Features

12. Imagine a world in which you never saw this wink.

Focus Features / Via

13. Imagine a world where you'd never seen ALL OF THIS.

Focus Features / Via

What a sick, fucked up world that would be.

14. We should also remember that whenever he takes his top off, angels in heaven grow their wings.

Focus Features

15. And he is the owner of THESE DAMN BICEPS.

Iron Fit / Via Tele 13

16. He also just takes people to fucking Venice like it's no big deal.

Glamour / Via

17. I don't want to imagine a world in which I hadn't seen these puppy dog eyes.

Focus Features / Via

18. And this flawless tuxedo-wearing.

Getty Images for NBCUniversal Jesse Grant

19. Or be forced to merely imagine this.

Focus Features / Via

20. So let us never again take any of him for granted.

Getty Images Tim P. Whitby

21. For we are able to gaze at this perfectly styled outfit...

Joe Scarnici

22. ...We are able to wish that WE were that coffee cup in his hands.

Neil P. Mockford/GC Images

23. Because we are able to melt at just the sight of his smile.

24. And his eyes.

Steve Klein / Calvin Klein / Via

25. And those beautiful, rippling abs.

Calvin Klein / Steve Klein / Via

(And that bulge.)

26. Thankyou for existing, Jamie.

Phillip Massey / WireImage

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