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Just A Reminder That Kim Kardashian Used To Dress Like This

Never forget.

Kim Kardashian recently admitted that for the past couple of years, Kanye West has been her unofficial stylist.

So she's now, like, all high-fashion in restrictive Balmain and she definitely doesn't smile on red carpets any more. That's not the high-fashion way, duh.

1. But it hasn't always been like that. OH NO IT HASN'T.

2. There was a time when Kim loved nothing more than mint-green satin paired with white accessories.

3. Some people might think too many white accessories are a bad thing. Kim was not one of those people.

4. She really liked boots that inexplicably ended halfway up her calves.

5. She was a big fan of layering.

6. Like, a really big fan.

7. She certainly knew how to pull off a patterned maxi dress with flair.

8. In fact, just patterns in general.

9. So...

10. ...many...

11. ...patterns.

12. But then she also knew how to rock low-cut dungarees with a bikini and a straw hat.

13. To be honest, most people would struggle to pull off a tight grey jumpsuit as well as Kim.

14. But those sunglasses would never pass Kanye's approval process.

15. Nor would all this jewellery – but props to Kim because those hoops look heavy.

16. Sometimes the Kardashian sisters coordinated in satin mini dresses.

17. Or repped the body-con.

18. Other times she just wanted a statement neckline.

19. Or a lingerie-inspired jumper.

20. Or just wanted to wear matching peasant dresses with Paris Hilton.

21. Sometimes she went casual and just wore a pair of jeans with yellow accessories.

22. Other times called for a fur stole. Because fashion.

23. She had excellent shoe and handbag coordination game.

24. She was also a big fan of drapey material. No Balmain corseting here, people.

25. And certainly not here.

26. 2014 Kim would never wear a brown patterned dress.

27. And she definitely wouldn't wear an oversized top with leggings.

28. Or these cork wedges with ribbons.

29. So never forget the Kim who loved capes.

30. Or the Kim who loved a metallic handbag.

Never forget. <3