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    Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Video Of Mariah Carey's Live Vocals

    "She can't sing anymore!"

    Mariah Carey took to the stage in Japan on Saturday night, to play the latest gig in her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour.

    The video shows Mariah appearing to struggle through some of her most successful hits, including "Hero".

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    And it wasn't long before some of her biggest fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts about her performance.

    So Mariah Carey can't sing anymore. Suspected this after watching her mime at WMA earlier this year, but still devo.

    Wow. Mariah Carey can't sing anymore .....

    Wow you guys, Mariah Carey can't sing any more her vocals are just gone

    Wow. Mariah Carey really can't sing anymore... That vid was highkey painful to watch.

    That video of Mariah Carey attempting to sing Hero is sad. Her vocals are just gone. She used to have 1 of the best voices too.

    idk why people are shocked mariah can't sing like before, she's been singing her whole life (44 years)her voice is damaged & worn out

    Mariah is a legend but it might be time to hang it up. Those vocals sounded like struggle and hardship.

    The performance follows a tumultuous time for Carey, after she reportedly split from her husband of six years, Nick Cannon.

    However, a representative for Carey has dismissed the negative comments, telling The Mirror: "The comments we have heard from fans have been great!"