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    19 Genuinely Emotional Moments In "Friends" That Will Destroy You, Even Now

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which moment from Friends they still love. There were loads of responses about emotional scenes, so here are some of the best.

    1. When Chandler had to tell Monica that they couldn't have children.

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    The point at which they both apologise to each other, before hugging as they cry still gives me full-body chills. It's just heartbreaking.

    – Samantha Dinton, Facebook

    2. And when he begged Erica to let him and Monica adopt her baby.

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    When Chandler tells Erica that Monica is a mother without a baby to love – it gets me every time. Throughout the whole series she was the mom of the friendship group, always took care of everyone and couldn't wait to have kids. Chandler's line was just so true and so beautiful.

    – cartervari

    3. The moment Rachel found out that she was pregnant.

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    My absolute favourite moment of all time is when the girls finally discover that Rachel is the one who's pregnant at Monica and Chandler's wedding. They run off and get her a test and then shoo away any other women who try to enter the bathroom during this important moment. Then Phoebe reveals that the test is negative. Rachel ends up feeling really sad, chokes up and tearfully asks Phoebe: "It's negative?" And Phoebe then says: "No, it's positive!" Rachel cries out in tentative joy: "It's positive?!" And Phoebe says: "Yes, I lied before – and now you know how you really feel!" And then they all hug each other and cry, and I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME BECAUSE BEST GIRLFRIENDS ARE AMAZING.

    – bethk4c5b632c0

    4. And the first words she uttered to baby Emma.

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    When Rachel holds Emma for the first time, she says to her: "I know you." It gets me every time and perfectly sums up the mother/child bond during pregnancy.

    – charlottew4fd5516fa

    5. When Chandler admitted that he was in love with Monica.

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    Phoebe attempts to get Chandler to admit he's dating Monica by hitting on him. He eventually says he can't hook up with her because he's in love with Monica. And then Monica bursts out of the bathroom like: "WHAT?" before saying that she loves him too.

    – hollyanng2

    6. When we found out where the melody for "Smelly Cat" came from.

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    That iconic song is a gag that comes out now and again and is always hilarious. But then in one episode we find out that the melody is actually from a lullaby that Phoebe's father used to sing to her as a baby. It's so moving and the song takes on more significance afterwards.

    – n423704101

    7. When Mike accepted and loved everything about Phoebe.

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    In the episode where Phoebe meets Mike's parents, she's trying so hard to be elegant and fit into the family, but fails on every count. But then Mike doesn't care and uses the opportunity to tell her that he loves her.

    – Irina Filcheva, Facebook

    8. When Monica and Chandler got engaged.

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    It was so romantic and really honest. Instead of being completely over the top like most TV proposals, it was really true to life and love between two people.

    – LadyIvory

    9. When Joey gave Phoebe the perfect kiss.

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    In "The One Where They All Turn 30," Phoebe realises she's really 31 and has missed a whole year of her life. She's upset that she hasn't fulfilled her "pre-turning 30 bucket list," and therefore still hasn't had the perfect kiss. Joey feels awful for her, and follows Phoebe after she leaves the coffee house to give her the Perfect Kiss. I've always loved how much Joey and Phoebe care for each other as friends and the love they share is so unique and special. That moment always makes me cry.

    – nickrose

    10. And when Phoebe gave Joey the chance to have one final conversation with Estelle.

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    Warner Bros

    During the entire episode, Phoebe pretends to be Estelle just so that Joey wouldn't feel worse about the changes already happening during that season, such as Monica and Chandler moving away. At the end of the episode, Joey finds out that Estelle has passed away, but Phoebe then calls him pretending to be her. Even though he's freaked out, he's able to have one final parting conversation with her. It's so sweet and so sad.

    – leahsierra00

    11. The moment when Phoebe wanted to keep one of the triplets.

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    When Phoebe gives birth to the triplets, she tells Rachel that she wants to keep one of them. Rachel then has to explain why she can't, and Phoebe looks so heartbroken and disappointed. It makes me cry every single time.

    – Matty Cormier, Facebook

    12. And the conversation she had with the triplets before handing them over.

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    It's completely heartbreaking.

    – Anna Smith, Facebook

    13. When Chandler and Monica found out they were having more than one baby.

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    Warner Bros
    Warner Bros

    Chandler was freaking out, but then Monica gives this huge speech about how they will take the babies home and love them because they are their children. They both then calm down and get ready for the second baby to arrive. I definitely cried during that episode.

    – Gracelamb

    14. In fact, the births of all the babies were pretty emotional in their own ways.

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    It has to be the births of the babies. Be it Rachel being in labour for the longest time, or Phoebe having that heartfelt moment with her brother's triplets right after giving birth, or even how Ben was named. They were all so unique in their own way, hilarious and heartbreakingly beautiful at the same time. Friends is truly iconic.

    – z42bfcc1a4

    15. This kiss between Janice and Chandler

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    Warner Bros
    Warner Bros

    As weird as this sounds, I loved anything with Janice! Sure, she's weird but she's also funny and totally in love with Chandler. I always feel it was a bigger "awww" moment at the end of season two when Chandler realises he's been "dating" her online and they meet at Central Perk. Their kiss gets me more than Ross and Rachel's first kiss.

    – AmyLing

    16. And this kiss between Ross and Rachel.

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    When Ross confronts Rachel about her being in love with him. They argue, Ross storms out and leaves Rachel crying on the sofa in Central Perk. When she gathers herself she gets up and sees that he's standing in the doorway. She walks over to him, they kiss and it's magical every time.

    – AmyLing

    17. This reassuring moment.

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    It's not so much emotional as reassuring, but one of my favourite scenes is in "The One With George Stephanopoulos" when the girls are having crisis after crisis in their lives at their sleepover. It just always makes me feel better about where I am in my life.

    – tessr411d7399b

    18. When Rachel got off the plane.

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    After all the maturing Ross did over the course of the show, it was just so nice to have that plotline end well. And it was super emotional, too.

    – e4b4252b57

    19. And, finally, that last scene.

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    Warner Bros

    The moment where they all put their keys on the counter before leaving the apartment for the last time is so perfect, but so emotional.

    – Fiona Southford, Facebook

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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