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    37 Times Emma Watson Proved That She's Always Been Super-Human Gorgeous

    There's almost too much perfection to handle here.

    1. Emma Watson is one of the most flawless females to have ever walked the planet. And she has always been this way.

    2. Here she is looking totally adorable back in 2004.

    3. And again in 2005.

    4. Her fashion tastes were quite eclectic back in those days, but she still managed to pull off a military style jacket to perfection.

    5. She even looked flawless in the days before GHDs.

    6. She was perfecting her red carpet pose in 2007.

    7. By 2008 she had it down.

    8. Seriously, goddess much?

    9. Another time Emma Watson looked insanely beautiful was when she basically just walked. Have you ever seen another human walk so well?

    10. She's also very good at holding things. Like awards for being a Style Icon*.

    11. And standing with her hand on her hip, wearing breathtaking dresses.

    12. She even manages to look incredible in the sodding rain.

    13. There's just too much perfection going on in this picture. I'll just leave you alone to marvel for a bit.

    14. This is another image from a different angle. Still perfect, right?

    15. Oh and she looks just as good from the side as well.

    16. That smile.

    17. That nonchalant pose.

    18. Oh

    19. Sweet.

    20. Jesus.

    21. Remember that time she wore a skirt AND trousers and totally nailed it?

    22. Remember that time she had perfectly groomed eyebrows and crimson lips and slicked back hair and it was just everything?

    23. Oh and in case you were wondering what a perfect profile looks like...

    24. She rocks every look she tries.

    25. Whether it's a simple LBD.

    26. Fashion-forward.

    27. Or total red carpet perfection.

    28. Could anyone else look this impossibly flawless in a dress made with pieces of material that are barely sewn together?

    29. Know anyone else with abs this good?

    30. Emma even looks beautiful when she's throwing serious side-eye.

    31. *DIES*

    32. Let's just recap how good at walking she is.

    33. Oh and we also need to admire her eyebrows, because they are probably the world's most perfect eyebrows.

    34. Look at her waving.

    35. And moving a perfect strand of hair with her perfect hand.

    36. And when she was like, "Yeah, I'll just chuck on a white shirt for this one," and still looked better than most people could ever hope to.

    37. Emma, we bow down to your perfection.