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Emma Watson Doesn't Get Twitter And It's Ridiculously Cute

Let's look at her best attempts.

When she got a bit confused as to precisely which social network she was using.

When she told everyone who she'd decided to follow.

But then got told off for using the incorrect terminology.

When she realised that Twitter can be really great.

When she had a brief dalliance with #hashtags.

But that ended with a broken hashtag.

When her friend tried to guide her in the ways of Twitter.

When she discussed oral hygiene.

When she updated us on her technical woes.

When she decided to quote the opening scene of Love Actually.

When she just tweeted the name of a singer and their song.

She does this quite a lot.

Like, really a lot.


Don't think she thought this one through, though.

When this happened.

When she tweeted random punctuation.

As well as letters.

And a bit more punctuation.

When she came over splendidly British.

When she gave Andy Murray some encouragement during his Wimbledon final.

When she went all sassy.


When she shared a very specific Christmas greeting.

When her computer crashed and there was only one solution.

When she did this and it was adorable.

But not as adorable as her apologising for being bad at Twitter. :(

<3 you Emma.