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    21 Emma Watson Fans You Won't Believe Exist


    1. This intense depression.

    2. This terrifying Steve Buscemi facial mash-up.

    3. Also here she is with his eyes.

    4. This desire to kill half the human race.

    5. This unsettling face swap.

    6. This one too.

    7. This artistic interpretation.

    8. This conversation.

    9. This confusing combination of Emma Watson's and Jennifer Lawrence's faces.

    10. This specific desire.

    11. Whoever saw the similarity here.

    12. This deep observance of her Twitter photos.

    13. This depiction of Emma without teeth.

    14. This dilemma.

    15. This over-sharer.

    16. Also this one.

    17. This Harry Potter–inspired tattoo.

    18. This example of what Emma Watson and Robert Downey Jr.'s child would look like.

    19. Whatever's going on here.

    20. This beautiful merging of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe's faces.

    21. This Twitter expert.

    22. And finally, this GIF, which will haunt your dreams forevermore.