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18 Times Chrissy Teigen Totally Owned John Legend

No one is safe from her burns, even her husband.

We all know that Chrissy Teigen is the undisputed queen of Twitter. Her observations are always on point.

Hate this macbook relationship. "When do you want to update?" "Later" "later today or later tomorrow?" Oh my god just fucking LATER

And she loves nothing more than shutting down trolls.

But it turns out there's no one she enjoys trolling more than her husband, John Legend. And here's the proof.

1. When she revealed this ingenious plan.

2. When she found this during their house move...

...and reconsidered her life choices.

3. But she did go on to assure everyone they'd be together forever.

4. When she trolled him before any actual trolls could.

5. When she made this joke.

6. And when she posted this A+ subtweet during a night of enforced football viewing.

7. When she was not here to massage his ego.

8. And when she wanted to know where her Grammy nomination was.

9. Before making sure everyone knew the moment was ALL HERS.

10. When she knew John would be threatened by her newfound piano-playing skills.

11. When she was asked this question.

Why are you shaking your head, @chrissyteigen?

And gave this answer.

12. When she went along to support him at work...

But was sure to keep him grounded.

13. And did the same when he received an honorary doctorate.


14. When she thought the Golden Globes misspelling his name was the funniest thing ever.


15. When they were asked by a reporter where the best place they'd had sex was.

And she just said this.

Before walking off.

16. When she decided to replace him with Zayn Malik.

17. When she had to wipe his onion tears during a cooking class.

And came up with the perfect caption.

18. And, finally, when he gave her the most lovely gift – a book of their wedding photographs...

...and she was sincere in her thanks for all of two seconds.