39 Things Ed Sheeran Did In 2014 That Were Utterly Perfect

    Is he open to proposals of marriage?

    1. Let's start off with when he stole Pharrell's hat all like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. And when he spotted this sign and saw an amazing photo opportunity.

    3. He released a new album that featured songs with lyrics like this.

    4. And this.

    5. But mainly this.

    brb, off to make Ed fall in love with me every single day.

    6. He mastered the art of this adorable hands-in-pockets red carpet pose.

    7. And his Twitter game was on point.

    Pre recording so many tv shows in UK at the moment, if you're a fan il be on your TV a lot in the next few weeks, if you're not, soz m8



    Cold pasta for breakfast coz I feel like it


    Doing the Victoria secrets fashion show tonight and I'm eating a Greggs sausage roll in the dressing room

    11. Another time he was perfect was when he hung out with Taylor Swift's cat and the most adorable photo of all time was taken.


    13. NO WAIT IT'S THIS.

    14. His Halloween costume was also pretty epic.

    15. And he was adorably entertained by Kermit the frog.

    16. Then he went and made this comment which, fun fact, is the most perfect comment made in the whole of 2014.

    17. And this exchange is just 👌

    18. He reached peak Ed Sheeran hotness during his performance on The X Factor.

    19. Seriously.

    20. Our ovaries almost couldn't handle it.

    21. There was the time he got sassy when someone accused him of not wishing Taylor Swift a happy birthday.

    22. (Sidenote: This reference to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" was fricking amazing too.)


    23. He also gave Sam Smith the perfect advice about dealing with haters.

    24. Remember the time he won an MTV VMA for "Best Male Video"?

    25. And celebrated like this with the director?

    26. And when he made this joke? So perfect.

    27. He took ridiculously cute photos with all the celebrities he met.

    30. Made acceptance speeches like this.

    31. Made all of his concert tickets the same price and gave this explanation.

    32. In fact, all the words he spoke this year were wonderful.

    33. He looked so pleased to be meeting the Duchess of Cambridge.

    34. And announced a massive UK tour with this majestic photo.

    35. But tbh nothing beats his reactions at the Victoria's Secret show.

    36. "Taylor, this is the best day of my life."

    37. "I'm the luckiest human on the planet right now."

    38. *Heart palpitations*

    39. "OMFG."

    Please continue to be this perfect next year, Ed.