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    23 Early '00s Outfits You Won't Believe Victoria Beckham Ever Wore

    Look how far she's come!

    Victoria Beckham, fashion designer and fashion icon, right?

    Always looks chic.

    Always looks flawless.

    1. But before she went all fashionista on us, VB had a good time experimenting with her sartorial choices.

    2. There was no scrimping on the fake tan.

    3. There were slightly unnecessary ties.

    4. There were bootcut jeans so dramatic you couldn't even see her shoes.

    5. There were whole ensembles inspired by Elle Woods.

    6. There were bright pink bras! Zebra print! Silver shoes!

    7. Recycled silver shoes!

    8. Even corsets.

    9. And actual leggings made out of sequins.

    10. She enjoyed a bit of body-con.

    11. Well, just a lot of flesh on display generally.

    12. Like, a lot.

    13. Another thing VB wore very well in the mid-00s were hot-pants.

    14. Not many people could pull these off.

    15. She also rocked gloves incredibly well.

    16. There was an Inspector Gadget moment.

    17. And this jacket that probably can't be worn near naked flames.

    18. Then THIS dress happened. You may want to take a few moments to soak it all in.

    19. Oh and this one could also do with your attention.

    20. But, really, who could forget that fake lip-ring?

    21. The bandanas.

    22. And basically everything about this photo.

    23. "Dane, you're out of your mind."

    We <3 you Victoria. So proud of how far you've come.