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    29 Drunk Celebrities Who'll Make You Feel Better About Your Hangover

    I'll just stay for one...hundred.

    Feeling a bit like this today? / Via Golden / Miller Productions

    After a few too many of these?

    1. It's OK, Justin Timberlake probably begged for that one last beer as well.

    2. Holly Willoughby has fallen asleep face down amongst some crisps.

    3. Katie Price got down to her jam.

    ShowBizIreland / Getty

    4. Remember when Jennifer Lawrence literally didn't give a fuck at the Oscars?

    Jason Merritt / Getty

    5. Or when The Spice Girls celebrated Victoria Beckham's birthday?

    Via Twitter: @victoriabeckham

    6. And Mel C left like this?

    REX USA/Beretta/Sims / Rex

    7. It's OK, we've all experienced a drunken PDA.

    James Devaney / Getty

    8. We've all pulled out our best model poses.

    REX USA/Richard Young / Rex

    9. And we've definitely all had one for the road*.

    Splash News

    *Which ends up being the most regrettable decision ever.

    So much regret.

    Splash News

    10. Remember when Goldie Hawn hurled herself into a taxi?

    Splash News

    11. And Helen Flanagan made this dramatic exit?

    Pete Goddard / Splash News

    (She probably wanted to crawl anyway.)

    Pete Goddard / Splash News

    12. Or when Lindsay Lohan fell in some shrubbery?

    Splash News

    13. And Cheryl Cole pulled her "I'm not even that drunk" face?

    Neil Warner / Splash News

    14. While Brad Pitt just relished the happy drunk stage?


    It's fine. He probably told everyone he loved them, too.


    Brian Prahl / Splash News

    It's OK. We've all been there.

    16. Sometimes we lose control of our facial muscles...


    Like Nikki Grahame.

    17. Or Tom Parker.

    Splash News

    18. ?!


    And Nick Grimshaw.

    ...And our legs.


    19. Let's face it, sometimes it's a struggle to just stand up.


    As demonstrated by Claudia Winkleman.

    20. It can also be a struggle to keep your own eyes open. Scott Disick knows this.


    21. Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh also know this.


    22. We've all decided against a taxi in favour of other, more perilous modes of transport.


    Like Noel Gallagher.

    23. See?

    Splash News

    24. And even Kate and William probably thought shots were a good idea, too.

    REX USA/Copetti/Photofab / Rex

    25. Even Avril has reached this stage in the night.

    Mike FANOUS / Getty

    26. It's fine, just take yourself home.

    Planet Photos

    27. Get into bed.

    Dave Hogan / Getty

    Stick on some Netflix.

    ShowBizIreland / Getty

    28. Maybe order a pizza.

    29. Things will be better tomorrow.

    Jeff Vespa / WireImage