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    Definitive Proof That Kim Kardashian Is Now Too Cool To Smile In Photos

    She's taken a leaf out of Kanye West's book.

    This is Kim Kardashian, standing on a red carpet and smiling.

    She used to do this a lot.

    Like, really, a lot.

    Whether she was promoting a new product...

    ...Or rocking feathers.

    Nothing stopped her flashing that perfect smile.


    Even when she was dressing like a Flamenco dancer...

    Or splitting up from Reggie Bush...

    ...Or Kris Humphries...

    ...The less said about that the better...

    She was always smiling.

    Sometimes her love for life was palpable.

    Alright, calm down.

    Then something monumental happened. She started dating Kanye West.

    Kanye West doesn't know how to smile, it's a scientific fact.

    This is Kanye West's happy face.

    A month or two into their relationship, something curious happened. Kim stopped smiling in pictures, too.

    She became all, like, meh.

    Too cool to smile now.

    Smiling's for losers.

    Proper losers.

    Sultry staring into the distance is where it's at.

    Not quite making eye contact with the photographers.

    Like this.

    When Kim and Kanye hit the red carpet together no one, under any circumstances, smiles.

    The wedding photos will be shining beacons of joy.

    Urgh, so over this posing.

    Khloe's doing it all wrong.

    Sometimes she teases us, making it seem like she's about to crack a smile.

    But the furthest she'll go is just opening her mouth a little bit.

    Definitely not smiling.

    Not smiling here either.



    Trying to catch her unawares? IT WON'T WORK.

    Kim, we miss your smile.