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    16 Instagram Interactions Between David And Victoria Beckham That Prove Love Is Real

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

    1. When David wished Victoria a happy birthday by calling her an "amazing mummy."

    2. And when he praised her for being such an amazing "wife, mummy and strong business woman."

    3. When he couldn't contain his pride when she received her OBE.

    4. When Victoria called David an "amazing and wonderful" husband and father.

    5. And when she revealed that he "inspires her every day."

    6. When he marked their 16th wedding anniversary like this.

    7. And for their 17th anniversary, shared an even lovelier message.

    8. When he thanked her for not only being his wife, but also for the children she'd given him.

    9. And she thanked him back.

    10. Before revealing just how much their family love him.

    11. When he spoke about how proud he is of her passionate nature.

    12. And when he wished her a happy Mother's Day like this.

    13. And when she thanked him for making her birthday so perfect.

    14. When she reflected back on his career and got emotional.

    15. And spoke about how proud they all are of his achievements.

    16. And, finally, when Victoria said it all with just three words.