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    This Is What David The Scientist From "Friends" Looks Like Now

    Who'd have thought he'd blossom this beautifully.

    You remember David, the adorably geeky scientist from Friends, right?

    The one who was madly in love with Phoebe and was even about to propose to her before Mike swooped in?

    Well, it turns out that he is no longer the geeky bespectacled guy he once was.

    In fact, Hank Azaria is quite the DILF nowadays.

    Just look at him. So rugged. So handsome.

    So goddamn suave.

    Even when he's pulling faces he's still a babe.

    Just look at how cute he and his son are.

    I mean, come on. These are DILF goals right here.

    Who'd have thought David the Science guy would've blossomed so beautifully?

    So now you know. 💗

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