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Daniel Radcliffe Has Paid Off A Taxi Fare From 2012 With The Sweetest Thank-You Note

What a gent.

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Daniel Radcliffe has proved that he's a man of his word by paying off a taxi fare he'd owed since 2012.


The actor owed the fare after partying with the Dublin Minor Football Club after their All-Ireland win back in 2012.

Radcliffe ended up going back to a house party with the team, but it seems (despite having a few quid), he was out of cash that night and they covered the cost of the cab.

He sent the team a handwritten note along with €50, with one of the team posting the evidence on Twitter.

Hi guys,So, thanks again for paying for my cab! I couldn't live with myself if I didn't honour my word and pay you back. Once again great meeting you all. Hope this covers it!Dan R

What a gent <3