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    Daniel Radcliffe And His Girlfriend Performing Eminem At Karaoke Is Perfect

    And it was glorious.

    Last year, Daniel Radcliffe unveiled a very impressive talent: He is amazing at rapping. He performed “Alphabet Aerobics” on The Tonight Show and didn't miss a beat. / Via

    And he's also admitted in the past that he's pretty obsessed with Eminem as well.

    NBC / Via

    So it's fitting that over the weekend Daniel combined his two loves by rapping Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady" during a karaoke session with friends.

    He was joined on stage by his girlfriend, Erin Darke, who danced alongside him and joined in for the chorus.

    So my brother just met Daniel Radcliffe at a pub in HalfMoon Bay... This is Daniel rapping to Eminem

    And the whole thing was pretty damn glorious.

    SLAAAAYYY, Daniel. 🙏 The full video can be watched below.

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