Chrissy Teigen Got So Mad Over John Legend's Lyrics About "Other Women" That She Leaked His New Album On Instagram

    "Currently leaking John's album on my stories. Out June 19th. Or free when I get mad enough."

    We all know that Chrissy Teigen is the absolute queen of trolling her husband, John Legend.

    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend at the Vanity Fair Oscars party
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    Whether it's in tweets, on Instagram or even interviews, Chrissy never wastes an opportunity to roast John whenever she can.

    i want to write a song for john called all of me and it's all about me

    In fact, just a couple of months ago Chrissy responded to a fan's Instagram comment and joked that she and John would almost certainly be divorcing the second they're allowed out of quarantine.

    A comment from Chrissy Teigen to a fan on Instagram

    And this weekend Chrissy was back at it again — this time after John played her his new album. And let's just say, some of the lyrics didn't exactly go down well.

    In fact, Chrissy immediately hopped on Twitter to share one of the lines she took particular issue with.

    Listening to john’s new album for the first time. “You know there’s a lot of women tryin to take your place” bitch what the fuck?

    And when John tried to defend himself by finishing off the rest of the lyric...

    @chrissyteigen You didn't tell them the punchline. "But I'm focused. I'm focused on you"

    Chrissy waited a full nine hours before replying.

    @johnlegend do u know what a punchline is

    And she didn't stop there!

    Chrissy went on to say that in light of the lyric, she'd decided to keep her options open with the male stars of Better Call Saul after becoming obsessed with the show during quarantine.

    this is why I’m gonna keep my options open with the men of better call Saul

    And she then dragged Jhené Aiko — who apparently duets with John on the album — into the drama.

    One of my favorite ones is one with @JheneAiko 🔥 why don’t u guys just get fuckin married!!!

    Luckily she saw the funny side.

    @chrissyteigen omg stop 😂 i love you 😭 i think we both are actually singing to you in these songs 🥰

    Not content with simply dragging John on Twitter, Chrissy then decided to "leak" the album by playing snippets of the songs on both Twitter and Instagram stories.

    "Currently leaking John's album on my stories," she wrote in the caption of one Instagram post. "Out June 19th. Or free when I get mad enough."

    "Might delete if forced but this is one of my favorites," she wrote alongside a clip of a different song.

    might delete if forced but this is one of my favorites

    "Really just trying to piss him off here," she continued with yet another clip.

    really just trying to piss him off here

    And when John attempted to use a bit of reverse psychology on Chrissy by thanking her for the free promotion and urging her to "leak on"...

    She shut that down too.

    Honestly, what did we do to deserve Chrissy Teigen?

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