Chrissy Teigen Clapped Back After Someone Criticised How She Held Her Baby

    Let Chrissy Live.

    We all know that Chrissy Teigen is the absolute queen of clapbacks.

    But since she's become a mother to adorable Luna, Chrissy has found herself having to fight off constant criticism of how she chooses to parent.

    From speculation about the size of her baby bump, to being slated for going out "too soon" after giving birth, Chrissy is getting pretty damn sick of the judgment.

    Well, last night Chrissy was judged for the way in which she was holding Luna in recent photos. She was tweeted to by someone telling her: "This is not how a baby is held"

    So she clapped back. Really fucking hard.

    And when someone else chimed in saying that Chrissy was "holding the baby like a handbag..."

    Chrissy clapped back to that too.

    But it didn't end there...

    With Chrissy making this point.

    She followed it up by saying that photos don't tell a full story – and that she will continue to shame "mommy shamers."

    Just like this.