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31 Times Chris Pratt Was Perfection In Human Form

Who knew this level of perfection existed?

1. When he was very honest about how he lost weight.

2. And wrote an excellent song about it.

3. But the lack of fun was totally worth it because oh my god.

4. When he expertly pranked his co-stars.

5. Because he's just too damn good at it.

6. And his silliness sometimes extends to reporters as well.

7. When he summed up just how he feels about being a dad.

8. And shared this insanely cute information about his son.

9. When he gave this lovely speech to these kids before posing for a photo with each one of them. 💔

10. And when he requested to be asked a sexist question so he could give this answer.

11. When he had this gracious reaction to coming second place to Chris Hemsworth on the World's Sexiest Man list.

Even though he really should have won.

12. Because anyone with eyes can see this is perfection in human form.

13. Just look at everything that's happening here.

14. It's almost as though his eyes are gazing into your soul.

15. When he showed off his secret braiding skills.

And your ovaries skipped a beat.

16. Especially when he said this.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

17. When he proved he has impeccable comedic timing.

18. Even more so when Anna's around too.

19. Because he just can't believe his luck.

20. Because they are the most perfect family.

21. And when he wrote this song for Anna Faris and everyone's hearts collectively melted.

22. As well as when he shared this cute story about their son.

23. And then posed for the world's cutest photo.

24. And made it clear that he's thinking about his family all the time.

25. When he treated us all to a glimpse of his guns.

RIP me.

26. And when he thrusted like this.

27. When he joked about being stealthy.

28. When he had the most adorable response to being asked whether his success makes him pinch himself.

29. Because he's fundamentally a good guy.

30. Who is ridiculously humble.

31. And, because when he takes his top off, all is right with the world.