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30 Celebrity Reactions That Are Way Too Real For All Women

"I don't like guys who brag. If you really had it, you wouldn't need to talk about it. Just shut up, please, sit down."

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1. When you have one of those days where everything is too much, and you want to just hibernate under a duvet.

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With chocolate, of course.

2. And there are moments when all you seem able to do is just stress out about every damn thing.

3. When you know that there is literally no better feeling than getting undressed, putting on a tracksuit, removing your makeup and tying your hair back.

Seriously. No. Better. Feeling.

4. And days when you can just watch TV and eat junk food are the best days.

5. Some days, in fact, all you can think about is food.

6. And sometimes you just have to give in to the carb cravings.

7. Because life is too damn short to be spent obsessively counting calories.

8. When someone asks for a rundown of your romantic history and you find yourself saying this. A lot.

9. When a guy decides to tell you how awesome he is, and you're like OKTHANKSBYE.

10. When people assume that you're unfulfilled because you're not in a relationship, when actually you are just fine.

11. Because you've learned that the most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself.

Because you're pretty damn fabulous.

12. And relationships can sometimes just be too complicated to understand.

13. When some fuckboy has decided to start playing games.

14. And the moment he decides to just stop replying to your messages has you like:

15. Or when you knew all along that something was amiss with that douchebag, and you remind yourself to ALWAYS trust your instincts.

16. When you're going through the hardest times of your life and you realise you'd be totally screwed without your friends.

17. And you'd do absolutely anything for them, too.

18. Because sometimes the answer to all of your problems is drinking a lot of wine with your girlfriends.

19. But after a while, you realise that ex isn't worth your tears. So you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue to be the Queen you are.

20. And, when you do get into a good relationship, it's the best.

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21. When you find yourself comparing your body with those of other women and forget to give yourself a damn break.

22. Because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

23. And we should be proud of what we do have, rather than striving for ~perfection~.

24. Because that doesn't exist.

25. But it is perfectly acceptable to crush hard on other women, and champion them too.

26. When people ask when you're going to have children, seemingly forgetting that you might have other shit you want to get done first.

27. Or you may have no idea how you even feel about having kids.

And that's fine, too.

28. In fact, sometimes you have moments where you're not sure what you're doing at all.

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29. But you know for sure you have to speak your mind, because no one should hold you down.

30. And finally, remember that being a woman can be the best damn thing, and nothing will hold you back.