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Here Are The Best Celebrity Reactions As A Long, Stressful Election Night Unfolded

"This is like being awake during your own surgery."

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Tuesday, Nov. 3, marked the day of the US presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which saw many celebrities share impassioned messages to followers urging them to vote.

Modern Family's Ariel Winter settled down to watch the coverage in an extremely cosy onesie which feels like perfect attire, TBH.

Jenna Dewan cracked open the wine.

Ryan Seacrest tucked into mini onion pizzas as the coverage played out.

Hilary Duff reposted this statement.

And she also revealed that her 2-year-old daughter, Banks, had resorted to stress eating.

Chrissy Teigen offered some peak Chrissy Teigen commentary.

It’s insane what *our* fears are if we lose, compared to their fears if Biden wins. like we will prob all die or be handmaids and they’re worried about bathroom safety

Before taking her mind off things by playing with her kids, Luna and Miles.

Emily Ratajkowski snuggled up in a hoodie, switched on the TV, and captioned her post: "So it begins."

Mindy Kaling baked a cake for the occasion.

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson cooked up a bowl of carb-based comfort food.

Lily Collins shared a snap of her sleepy pup alongside the caption "Election night mood."

Demi Lovato reposted a video that showed her song "Commander in Chief" being played at full volume outside the White House, describing it as "incredibly powerful".

Instagram: @ddlovato

"I hope he heard it," she added.

Jimmy Kimmel made this assessment as the stressful hours passed.

This is like being awake during your own surgery.

Kristin Cavallari — whose ex-husband, Jay Cutler, came out in support of Donald Trump last week — was finding it hard to look away from the TV despite desperately needing sleep.

The Hills' Whitney spoke for everyone as she captioned this post, "CURRENTLY FREAKING OUT."

Instagram: @whitneyeveport


Cardi B shared a video of herself smoking three cigarettes at once, alongside the caption "How these elections got me watching these states turn red."

Pink shared a video with her 9-year-old daughter. "Who do you want to win?" Pink asked Willow. "Joe Biden," she replied.

"Look, don't sweat it tonight," Andy Cohen sarcastically joked at the start of the night. "It's not like our entire future is hanging in the balance!"

By the end of the night, Andy was signing off with this message: "Well, suffice to say that was one of the worst parties that I've thrown in a while. But you've gotta keep hope alive. It's not over until it's over. It's not over until every vote has been counted."

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